Tips for Parking in Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
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Parking is free or relatively inexpensive in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, and there are plenty of options including on-street parking, as well as 19 parking garages and parking lots.

On the weekends and during popular events, the busiest sections of town can get pretty congested, so it is a good idea to look at a map and plan ahead. Once you park your car, you can get around the city easily by taking the free King Street Trolley.

If you choose not to drive, Alexandria is easily accessible by public transportation and has four Metro stations: King Street, Braddock Road, Eisenhower Avenue, and Van Dorn.

Houses in Alexandria of Virginia
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On-Street and Free Parking

On-street parking in Old Town Alexandria is available at meters and in free spaces with posted time limits. Most free parking is limited to two to three hours. You can move your car and park in another metered spot as long as your ticket has not expired. 

Metered parking is free after 9 p.m., on holidays, and on Sundays. Parking limits are strictly enforced so be sure to read all posted signs before parking. Multi-space meters accept coins and credit cards. You can also sign up to pay by phone or app.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is free for up to four hours at single- and multi-space meters. If you have a handicapped license plate or hangtag, you can park more than twice the time posted on signs in time-restricted parking zones.

Market Square Garage
Market Square Garage 

City-Owned Parking Garages

Municipal parking garages will be your best deal in terms of paid parking lots in Alexandria. The price is uniform and will be your least expensive option. To help you out, you can use apps and websites like for real-time maps that tell you where spaces are available and for how much.

  • Courthouse Square Parking Garage—111 S. Pitt Street, Alexandria
  • Market Square Garage—108 N Fairfax Street, Alexandria
  • Thompson’s Alley Garage10 Thompson’s Alley, Alexandria
  • Republic Parking Garage—220 North Union Street, Alexandria
Tavern Square Parking Garage
 Tavern Square Parking Garage

Other Parking Garages and Lots

  • Tavern Square Parking Garage—418 Cameron Street, Alexandria
  • Landmark Parking—1101 King Street, Alexandria
  • Colonial Parking locations—1800 Diagonal Road, 1700 Diagonal Road, 601 John Carlyle Street, 801 North Fairfax Street, 1800 Duke Street, 102 North Union Street, and 652 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA
  • Alfred Street Garage—117 N Alfred Street, Alexandria
  • Solo Parking—101 Duke Street, Alexandria
  • Diplomat Parking—1600 Duke Street, Alexandria
King Street the heart of Old Town in Alexandria at dusk, Alexandria, Virginia
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Worry-Free Parking

If you do not want to worry about parking at all, then you can find a restaurant that offers valet parking. There are several restaurants in Old Town Alexandria that offer valet services. You may have to pay a few extra dollars, but you might find it is probably worth it to skip the search and enjoy your time sipping a cocktail while being seated with your date.

Building along the street, Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
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The Charm of Alexandria

Alexandria is an interesting place to visit with great museums, restaurants, shopping, and historic sites. Just outside of Washington, D.C., Old Town makes a perfect day trip from the busy sites in the nation's capital. Alexandria has a bunch of hotels and is a great place to stay overnight. While visiting, you can take a walking tour of Old Town Alexandria to learn more about the historic town.

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