Parking in Downtown Salt Lake City

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    Single Car on a Parking Lot
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    Parking in downtown Salt Lake City is relatively easy, with about 32,000 off-street spaces and 2-3,000 metered space available. The city government has made parking a priority in the past several years, with large new parking structures, updated meters, pay by cell phone, and a parking finder app.

    Parking SLC

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    Parking Maps

    Parking Map in SLC
    ••• SLC Downtown Alliance

    A good place to start when you're thinking about where to park in downtown SLC is this simple parking map, produced by the Downtown Alliance. The map shows major parking areas along with major points of interest:

    SLC Parking Map (PDF version)

    For more detail, use the Downtown Alliance's interactive parking map. This interactive map allows you to put a Salt Lake City address in the search bar and see parking options close to that address. Zoom in to see metered street parking spaces.

    SLC Interactive Parking Map

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    Parking Finder App

    Parking Finder App
    ••• SLC Downtown Alliance

    The Salt Lake City government app for Apple or Android includes a smart map that will show you parking spaces within a couple of blocks of your location. It also includes information about bus routes, bike routes, parks, points of interest, and alternative fuel stations.

    SLC Parking Finder App

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    Parking Meter
    ••• SLC Downtown Alliance

    Salt Lake City's new blue parking meters accept credit and debit cards as well as coins. Bills are not accepted. Parking is metered from 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a time limit of two hours. Parking is free on Saturdays with a two-hour time limit. On Sundays, parking is free with no time restriction.

    Parking rates are $2 per hour, and you need to pay in advance. You can pay in increments as little as 5 cents or 2 minutes, but there is a $1 minimum for credit cards. There is also an option to pay by cell phone. Download the QuickPay app for Apple or Android, or you can pay by phone or text using the phone number 1-801-701-1888 (this number is displayed on the meters). The first time you pay by phone, you will set up an account with your credit or debit card number. Paying by cell phone is the best way to assure that you won't have to leave your meal or meeting to feed the meter because you can add time remotely.

    How to Use SLC Parking Meters

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    Free Fare Zone

    Free Fare Zone
    ••• Utah Transit Authority

    Once you have found a place to park, you can get around downtown by bus or train within the free fare zone. The free fare zone is roughly between 500 South and 500 North, and between 200 East and 400 West.

    UTA Downtown Free Fare Zone

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    City Creek Center

    City Creek Parking
    ••• City Creek Parking

    With six entrances and 5,000 underground parking spaces, City Creek Center is one of the easiest places to park downtown. Parking is free for one hour or less, $1 for two hours or less, and rates increase from there. The daily maximum is $20. Here is the rate schedule:

    • Under 1 Hour - Free
    • Under 2 Hours - $1.00
    • Under 3 Hours - $2.00
    • Under 4 Hours - $5.00
    • Under 5 Hours - $8.00
    • Under 6 Hours - $11.00
    • Under 7 Hours - $14.00
    • Under 8 Hours - $17.00
    • Under 9 Hours - $20.00
    • Daily Maximum - $20.00
    • Lost Ticket - $20.00

    Nordstrom and Macy's offer parking validations with purchase and other businesses may validate parking at their discretion. You can only use one of these validations per visit, but keep in mind that the overall parking rate is cheap at City Creek Center unless you are there all day.

    City Creek Center offers valet parking: Enter at Regent Street from westbound 100 South between State Street and Main Street. Valet parking rate is $5 for up to 3 hours $4 per hour after the initial 3 hours.

    City...MORE Creek Parking

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    Salt Palace

    Salt Palace
    ••• Dana Sohm

    The Salt Palace Convention Center has two parking garages with entrances located at 185 West 200 South and 50 South 300 West.

    Salt Palace Convention Center Parking

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    Covered parking at the Gateway is accessible from 200 South and 100 South, 400 West. Parking is also available on a surface lot just north of South Temple and a parking garage off 500 West behind Old Navy. Most stores and restaurants at the Gateway will offer parking validations, and it is possible to use more than one validation per visit.

    Parking is free for the first hour at the Gateway, and the rate schedule is as follows:

    • 1 Hour or Less: Free
    • 2 Hours or Less: $1
    • 3 Hours or Less $3
    • 4 Hours or Less $5
    • Over 4 Hours $7
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    EnergySolutions Arena

    EnergySolutions Arena
    ••• Ken Lund / Flickr / CC

    There are more than 10,000 parking spaces within two blocks of EnergySolutions Arena, in both surface lots and parking garages. For events such as Jazz games, businesses near the arena will offer paid parking in their lots. Parking rates vary, usually $10 for the evening for parking spaces within a couple of blocks of the arena, and $5 for spaces a little further away.

    EnergySolutions Arena Parking Map

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    Theater District

    Theater District
    ••• Paul Sableman / Flickr

    For the Capitol Theatre, parking is located across the street from the front of the theater in two Ampco parking garages. The large parking garages at the Salt Palace and the Gallivan Center are also good options for the Capitol Theatre. For a full list of Capitol Theatre parking options, click on the link below.

    For the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, the nearest large parking areas are also the Gallivan Center and Salt Palace.

    Parking near Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre

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    Gallivan Center

    Gallivan Center
    ••• Gallivan Center

    The Gallivan Center has its own underground parking, accessed from 30 East 200 South. There are lots of other parking garages and metered street spaces in the area. Recommended garages include the Walker Center at 175 S. Main St. and the Wells Fargo building at 70 East 300 South.


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    Library Square

    Salt Lake City Library
    ••• David Madison / Getty Images

    There is a large public parking garage near the Salt Lake City Library, the Salt Lake City and County Building, and the Leonardo, accessed at 400 South between 200 and 300 East. In addition, there is a lot of metered street parking in the area, and some free two-hour street parking. Remember the two hour limit if you use metered parking to visit the Leonardo - it's easy to spend more than two hours there. Library Square/Washington Square/Leonardo Parking

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    Utah State Capitol

    Utah State Capitol
    ••• Jeremy Edwards

    Utah State Capitol parking is available to the public in the parking lot east of the capitol building. Parking is also allowed on the streets near the capitol.

    Parking for the Utah State Capitol