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Locations of Reno Parking Lots and Garages

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Downtown Reno parking can be a hassle, especially when it is crowded during the numerous big events that tend to take over the core of the city. However, there is actually plenty of space if you know where to look, and even more, if you are willing to walk a few blocks. Listed here are a variety of choices.

Metered Street Parking in Downtown Reno

Reno's experiment with parking meter kiosks officially ended in failure on July 13, 2013. Downtown street parking will revert to individual meters at each parking space. The new meters will be high-tech versions of the old coin type, able to accept both coins and credit cards. As has always been the case, there are no parking meter fees on holidays and Sundays, and it's free after 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Should you get a parking ticket, the City of Reno provides its customers with numerous ways to pay the fine, including an online option.

Downtown Reno Parking Garages

There are two parking garages in downtown Reno operated by ProPark America...

  • Parking Gallery: The garage is located at 135 North Sierra Street, but the entrance and exit are on W. 1st Street, a block and a half west of Reno City Hall. Businesses in the area validate Parking Gallery parking, making this a good choice if you are going to the movies, catching a play at Bruka Theatre, or eating out in the Riverwalk District. The Parking Gallery has 650 spaces and is open 24 hours. For more information, call (775) 322-2219.
  • 50 W. Liberty Street: The garage is on the south side of W. Liberty Street, between S. Virginia Street and S. Sierra Street. Operating hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Washoe County Parking Lot

This whole square block of street-level parking is across from the Washoe County Courthouse and reserved for Washoe County employees during the work week. It is open to the public, free of charge, after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The lot is located between S. Virginia Street on the east, Court Street on the north, and S. Sierra Street on the west. There are entrances from Court Street and S. Sierra Street (which is one-way going south). The lot is kitty-corner from the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, making it a perfect parking place for attending Pioneer Center events.

Occasionally, this lot is used as a staging area or event venue, making it unavailable for parking (as during Reno's Veterans Day Parade).

Other Parking Lots in Downtown Reno

There are a few other surface parking lots around downtown Reno. These are associated with businesses and on private property. They can generally be used after business hours and whenever the businesses are closed, but you should read and observe any signs to the contrary that may be posted at these parking areas. Failure to heed any restrictive warnings might get your car towed.

  • Wells Fargo Bank (corner Pine Street and Center Street)
  • US Bank (corner Ryland Street and S. Virginia Street)
  • Nevada State Bank (corner S. Sierra Street and E. Liberty Street)
  • Business parking lot behind Powning Veterans Memorial Park (corner State Street and S. Virginia Street)

There is a pay parking lot owned by the City of Reno at the corner of Mill Street and River Rock Street. It's close to the National Automobile Museum (which has its own parking lot) and Aces Ballpark, but a few blocks out from downtown Reno.

Another pay parking lot is at the corner of Pine Street and Sinclair Street, with the entrance from Pine. It is a block south of the Siena Hotel Casino and a bit of a hike into the heart of downtown Reno.

Parking Garages at Downtown Reno Casinos and Other Venues

All of Reno's big downtown hotel casinos have public parking structures and/or surface parking lots. However, you should remember that these are private businesses and they can control access to parking as they see fit. If you are a casino, restaurant, or hotel patron of the establishment, parking is a given. If downtown is packed for some big event (like Hot August Nights), the hotels will be full and so will the parking garages. Otherwise, occasionally parking in one of these is okay as far as we know. During some events, such as Reno Aces baseball games, you'll be charged a fee to park while attending the game.​

Get Around on the Sierra Spirit Bus System

Once you have secured a parking place, you can move around downtown Reno, and north up Virginia Street to the University of Nevada, Reno campus for free on Sierra Spirit buses. There are distinctive yellow signs at Sierra Spirit bus stops, which match the color of the yellow coaches. This free service runs every 15 minutes, every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Source: City of Reno.

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