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Where to get enjoy a fish fry during Lent

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If you are looking for a schedule of fish fries for Lent, look no further. Every year the Archdiocese of Louisville, KY, releases a list of participants. Most fish fries are all on Fridays and they begin the Friday after Mardi Gras and continue until Easter. Contact individual parishes for dates, details, and directions.

What Churches Serve Friday Fish Fries?

Here's a list of churches in Louisville serving up fried fish during Lent. Each name is followed by the zip code, to make it easy to find a fish fry near you. Try them all! Each church has their own claim to fame. Some prefer their fish fries with potato pancakes topped with sour cream or applesauce. Other people prefer rye bread and a side of coleslaw. The options are endless for accompanying the fried fish too. Do you like your fish served with lemon slices? How about a tartar dipping sauce? Or maybe you like it spicy and douse your fish with hot sauce.

In all of these combinations, you are not alone.


St. Agnes in zip code 40205

St. Albert the Great in zip code 40222

St. Aloysius, Pewee Valley, in zip code 40056

St. Aloysius, Shepherdsville, in zip code 40165

Annunciation, Shelbyville, in zip code 40065

Ascension in zip code 40220

St. Athanasius in zip code 40219

St. Augustine, Lebanon, in zip code 40033

St. Augustine in zip code 40203

St. Barnabas in zip code 40220

St. Bartholomew in zip code 40218

St. Benedict, Lebanon Junction, in zip code 40150

St. Bernadette, Prospect, in zip code 40059

St. Bernard in zip code 40228

St. Brigid, Vine Grove, in zip code 40175

St. Edward in zip code 40299

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in zip code 40229

St. Elizabeth of Hungary in zip code 40217

St. Francis of Assisi in zip code 40205

St. Francis Xavier, Mt. Washington, in zip code 40047

Good Shepherd in zip code 40212

Guardian Angels in zip code 40219

Holy Family in zip code 40213

Holy Spirit in zip code 40206

Holy Trinity in zip code 40207

Immaculate Conception, Culvertown, in zip code 40051

Immaculate Conception, LaGrange, in zip code 40031

St. James in zip code 40204

St. John the Baptist, Rineyville, in zip code 40162

St. Joseph in zip code 40206

St. Lawrence in zip code 40216

St. Leonard in zip code 40206

St. Margaret Mary in zip code 40222

St. Martin de Porres in zip code 40211

Mary Queen of Peace in zip code 40216

St. Michael in zip code 40299

St. Monica, Bardstown, in zip code 40004

Most Blessed Sacrament in zip code 40215

Our Lady of Lourdes in zip code 40207

Our Lady of Mount Carmel in zip code 40214

Our Mother of Sorrows in zip code 40217

St. Patrick in zip code 40245

St. Paul in zip code 40258

St. Peter the Apostle in zip code 40258

St. Pius X in zip code 40220

St. Raphael in zip code 40205

St. Rita in zip code 40219

St. Stephen Martyr in zip code 40217

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in zip code 40118

St. Therese in zip code 40204

St. Thomas More in zip code 40214

Why Friday Fish Fries?

Friday fish fry became a popular tradition during Lent as Catholics are required to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays throughout Lent. Fish became a go-to solution, serve fish rather than meat. 

Catholics follow this tradition as eating meat on Friday is a reminder of sacrifice. A reminder of the sacrifice made by Jesus. It has been said that these days of sacrifice were first days set aside for fasting, abstaining from all food, but things changed as time moved on and Pope Gregory I decided abstaining from meat and meat products was the correct way to modify eating in observance of Lent. 

Other foods people give up for lent include sugar, caffeine and alcohol. So, in that case, there would be no need to know the 5 best places for donuts or a listing of the best coffee shops in Louisville. But the links are there... if you want 'em!

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