All About Paris Plages (Pop-Up Beaches) in Paris

2019 Guide

Pop Up Urban Beaches in Paris
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Launched in 2002, Paris Plages is a free summer event that transforms several spots in Paris into full-fledged, pop-up beaches, each with their own distinctive themes and attractions. The brainchild of former Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe who was well-known for launching ambitious municipal events, the sprawling beach operation has become a permanent fixture in the Parisian summertime scene. From sunning in the sand to swimming in pools suspended over the Seine, kayaking, or enjoying free evening concerts, Paris Plage offers activities that everyone will enjoy and is especially ideal if you're visiting Paris with kids.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo confirmed that Paris Plages will be open in 2020, but with health precautions and restrictions in place, which are in the process of being determined. The Paris Plages will be open mid-July, and we will update this information as it becomes available.

2019 Locations and Hours

The 2019 beach operation will be open daily from July 6th through September 1st. Beaches are generally open from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. This summer, Paris Plages will have three main locations:

  • The first beach (generally the most popular and crowded) is located on the right bank of the Seine in central Paris, stretching from the Pont Neuf near the Louvre to the Pont de Sully near Hotel de Ville (City Hall).
  • The second "plage" is a sandy beach along the stretch of the right bank quay known as the "Voie Georges Pompidou."
  • Finally, heading northeast, the third major beach stretches alongside the picturesque canal known as the "Bassin de la Villette" (near metro Jaures/Stalingrad), in northeastern Paris (19th arrondissement). Scroll down for more details on each of the beaches and their highlights, from activities for kids and adults, dining, drinking, and entertaining.

Are the Beaches Accessible to All Visitors? 

All Paris beach sites have been designed to be as accessible as possible to visitors in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Ramps allow easy access to beaches. Water fountains, swimming pools, and some boats at the Villette site are also accessible.

Free Concerts

Every year, a score of free concerts are held in tandem with Paris Plages, bringing an exciting lineup of contemporary artists to liven up the evenings at the makeshift beaches. The FNAC Live festival will take place this year in front of Hotel de Ville.

Activities and Ambiance 

"Traditional" Beach (Pont Neuf to Pont de Sully): This is the most traditional of the three Paris Beach locations and features sand and grass beaches, and stretches for some three kilometers along some of the most coveted stretches of the Seine River. Here, you can relax under parasols and on chaise longues (rental is free, but the competition is fierce, so arrive early!), splash around in fountains and mini pools to cool off, and enjoy a variety of sports and games. Boardwalk-style cafes and snack bars line the beach (beer and wine are available for purchase at many), and at night a series of free concerts around Hotel de Ville liven up the strip.             

Water Sports and Boating at La Villette: Stretching from the Rotonde de Ledoux near the Jaurès Metro station to the former Magasins Généraux on Rue de Crimee, this is the beach to choose if you'd like to see a more contemporary side of Paris, and are interested in getting in the water. For water sports enthusiasts, the beach of choice will be at La Villette, where the Canal de l'Ourq affords participants a choice between a variety of relaxed water sports. Kayaks, pedal boats, sailboats, canoes, and more are open to the public at no charge until 9:00 p.m. with instructors on the scene to help ensure a safe experience. You'll be able to glide along over 53,000 square feet of water, and after boating, a cold drink on one of the beach's waterside cafes will be in order.

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