Paradise Pier Hotel

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    Paradise Pier Hotel

    Paradise Pier Hotel
    Disneyland Resort and the Paradise Pier

    Paradise Pier is a contemporary, Disney-owned, California beach-themed hotel with a rooftop swimming pool. Some of their rooms overlook California Adventure from them, you could watch World of Color from your hotel window.

    Paradise Pier is cheerful, decorated in primary colors with a happy, resort feel. 

    What's Special About the Paradise Pier Hotel

    The Paradise Pier is definitely Disney-themed, but not as much so as the Disneyland hotel. I like the cheerful, beachside ambiance and the fact that it's not so big to get around in.

    As a Paradise Pier guest, you can get early entry into some parts of the theme parks (an hour before they open to the general public). You can also take a guided, early-morning power walk through Disney California Adventure, learn to draw a Disney cartoon character or join a Pilates exercise class. And the hotel offers special activities at Downtown Disney shops and evening activities for kids (for an extra fee).

    You can use your room key to charge most of your purchases and meals to your room, so you only have to pull out that credit card once. And if you buy something at a shop inside the parks, you can have it delivered to your room instead of lugging it around all day.

    The Paradise Pier is just a little further from the Disneyland and California Adventure gates than the Disneyland Hotel, making it one of the closest hotels to walk to from the parks. 

    If you're too tired to stay at ​​Disneyland until the fireworks go off, you can watch them from the third-floor pool deck, while listening to a live synchronized broadcast of their soundtrack. If you stay on one of the higher floors on the east side, you can watch World of Color from your window. and tune into the show's music through your television.

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    What You Really Need to Know About the Paradise Pier Hotel

    Guest Room at the Paradise Pier Hotel
    Betsy Malloy Photography

    A lot of websites will give you facts and numbers about the Paradise Pier. They'll tell you how many rooms it has, its address, and so on. That may be because they're working from information they look up online, and they have never actually stayed at the hotel. You can find that general information on the last page of this guide. 

    I have stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel - more than once. In fact, it's my favorite place to stay among the Disney-owned hotels. These are the things I learned that you really need to know.

    What You Need to Know About the Paradise Pier Hotel

    The Disneyland Hotel sometimes offers guests exclusive perks. Exactly what they’re offering may change, so your best bet is to ask about them when you check in.

    The Paradise Pier is great for families with kids. The rooms are the largest of the three hotels and its cheerful atmosphere is fun.

    Rooms on the upper floors of the east side (floors 8 and up) at the Paradise Pier have the best theme park view of the three Disneyland Resort hotels - and a bird's-eye view of the World of Color show at California Adventure.

    What There Is to Like About the Paradise Pier Hotel

    I love the Paradise Pier's combination of just enough Disney theme, larger rooms, and lower prices. I also love the view from the upstairs windows on the east side, where you can see all of California Adventure at a glance.

    That seems like a short list, but it covers a lot of ground. 

    What You Might Not Like About the Paradise Pier Hotel

    If you're a light sleeper who goes to bed early, noise from the theme park leaks into the rooms on the east side. In fact, I could hear the World of Color music pretty clearly from my room, even though the window was shut.

    The hotel is the farthest one from the park entrances, but only by a quarter of a mile. 

    There's no elevator in the parking structure, which is more trouble if you don't know about that ahead of time. Pull into the front entrance, unload your bags and then park to avoid dragging everything down the stairs.

    Cost Considerations for the Paradise Pier Hotel

    If the Paradise Pier were located somewhere else in Anaheim and especially if it were in another town, it might be considered overpriced, but it's the lowest-priced of the Disney hotels. If you want Disney's legendary customer service and a convenient location near the theme parks, the Paradise Pier is your best value for money.

    Anaheim hotel tax will add 15% to your bill. Many area hotels charge for parking and the Disneyland Hotel is no exception. You can find current parking rates at their website, but expect them to be just a little more than daily parking in the day-use garages.

    Expect to pay extra if you want a room with a nicer view, on a higher floor or with additional concierge services.

    Hats off to all of the Disney hotels for not adding the annoying ripoff "resort fee" that many other area hotels charge.

    Paradise Pier with Kids

    If you’re staying at the hotel with kids, they will like the swimming pool with its big waterslide. And if your kid is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, this is the only hotel where the Big Cheese makes a character breakfast appearance.

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    Dining at the Paradise Pier

    Build Your Own Pizza at the PCH Grill

    Disney's ​PCH Grill offers California-style cuisine - and it gets good ratings from online reviewers Their character breakfast is the only place outside Disneyland where Mickey Mouse makes an appearance. In the evening, they serve a beachside bonfire buffet dinner.

    You can also get a light meal at the Surfside Lounge. There's also a snack bar near the pool.

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    Character Dining at the Paradise Pier

    Breakfast With Mickey and Friends at the PCH Grill

    The PCH Grill hosts a daily Surf's Up! character breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his friends. Characters that stop by to join him include Pluto, Lilo's pal Stitch, and Daisy Duck. If you're looking for Disney princesses, you should go to the breakfast at Ariel's Grotto instead.

    Menu items on the buffet include Mickey Mouse waffles, Minnie Mouse pancakes, egg dishes and a build-your-own parfait station.

    Because the restaurant is smaller than the other places where you can get a character breakfast, the characters have more time for each guest. A couple of times every hour, a character starts a dance party and encourages all the kids to join them.

    Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made—online or by phone—up to 60 days prior to your visit.

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    Details About the Paradise Pier and Other Disney Hotels

    California Adventure Park from Paradise Pier
    Betsy Malloy Photography

    The Paradise Pier has almost 500 rooms. Its address is 1717 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim CA. You can find more details at the Paradise Pier Website.

    Facilities at the Paradise Pier

    The Paradise Pier has a  rooftop swimming pool with a waterslide, a hot tub, and a fitness center.

    There's a restaurant on the premises, where they serve a character breakfast.

    Rooms have WiFi and if you're tired you can order room service. They offer childcare and babysitting for an additional fee. The hotel is 100% non-smoking.

    You'll find a small gift shop in the lobby, along with a concierge desk, a business center, and a Guest Services desk whose staff can help you with all kinds of things, including reservations and other arrangements.

    More Disney Hotels in California

    Disney owns and operates three hotels at the Disneyland Resort. Besides the Paradise Pier, you can stay at the classic Disneyland Hotel or the elegant Grand Californian.

    As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary accommodation at Paradise Pier for the purpose of reviewing it. While it has not influenced this review, believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.