A Guide to Nude Sunbathing at Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Paradise beach in mykonos, greece
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Mykonos is a gem of a Greek island tucked among the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. It is named after the grandson of Apollo, and mythological legend says the island was formed from the bodies of the giants slain by Hercules. Mykonos may be famous for its windmills, but it is also home to spectacular beaches—some of which allow nude sunbathing. The most famous one is Paradise Beach.

Nudity at Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is one of several stretches of sand that Mykonos is known for. It is located roughly three-and-a-half miles southeast of Chora. This clothing-optional beach is packed in the summer months, and while full nudity is no longer as common here, you are likely to see topless sunbathers in the crowd.

Nudity is not illegal here, and most people on the beach largely ignore it, so you don't have to worry about getting weird looks or hearing snide comments if you choose to strip down to your birthday suit. But do be aware that the beach can also be popular with families until the sun goes down—then the party vibe kicks in. 

The Party Scene at Paradise Beach

If you like to party—with or without clothing—Paradise Beach is for you. Its reputation as a nude beach has given way to hordes of young people dancing after dark, although partying is common while the sun shines, too.

The Paradise Beach Resort has two oceanfront bars, and the Tropicana Beach Bar staff takes regular forays onto the sand for food and drink orders. There's also live music, DJs, and sunbeds available for rent.

Keep in mind that things tend to calm down considerably in the off-season (fall through spring), but it's shoulder-to-shoulder partygoers from June through September.

Make sure not to confuse Paradise Beach with Super Paradise, a beach in a nearby cove. Both are beautiful, but Paradise Beach is the one known for its party atmosphere.

How to Get to Paradise Beach 

You can reach Paradise Beach by boat from Platy Yialos. You can also get there by taxi, but note that during peak season, it can be difficult to get one, so prepare for a bit of a wait. You can also hop on the convenient and cheap Mykonos public bus.

The Super Paradise Club also runs a free shuttle service. The air-conditioned van departs from downtown's Fabrika Square every thirty minutes, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m every day of the week. Return trips from the Super Paradise Club back to Fabrika Square run every thirty minutes from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Where to Stay Near Paradise Beach

For the budget-conscious, a campground behind the beach provides an affordable place to stay, making this strip particularly popular the backpacking crowd. Several hotels are located near Paradise Beach as well, including the luxurious Paradise Beach Resort, the quaint Almyra Guest Houses, and the lovely San Georgio Hotel.

Many of these resorts also offer seasonal discounts and deals, so keep your eyes peeled for lower rates to save yourself a few bucks. Just note that they probably well cost full-price during peak partying season (the summer).

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