Paper First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Paper is the traditional anniversary gift to mark a couple's 1st year of marriage. Whether that year was smooth or rocky, you may want to commemorate it with something special that relates to the theme.

Selecting a gift that symbolizes how long you've been married can start an annual tradition of celebrating your anniversary that lasts into the golden years. These paper gifts can be a worthy representation of your love when your 1st anniversary rolls around.

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Boarding Passes

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Many couples believe that there's no better gift than one of travel. As your paper 1st anniversary gift, surprise your spouse with a printout of boarding passes to a destination you've always wanted to visit together. Just be sure that there's nothing else on the calendar for that time, and clue your spouse in on what to pack.

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Travel Gift Certificate

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Can't get away for your 1st anniversary? Give a raincheck by presenting a gift certificate to a hotel, restaurant, or spa that can be used in the future. Many gift cards are digital now, so you buy one online and print out a copy. Be sure to present it in a handsome envelope (and don't forget the card, signed with love).

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Art Print or Poster

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As a new couple, you may still be feathering your nest on your first anniversary, buying furnishings that reflect your taste as well as your budget. Is there an artist or photographer who both of you like? Buy a work on paper to commemorate this very special time in your life, have it framed, and hang it in a place of honor in the home you share.

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Board Game

Give a paper anniversary gift that'll be fun year 'round. These board games especially for grownups are both fun and sexy for two to play.

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Show or Concert Tickets

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Make your first anniversary a special date night with a paper gift of tickets to a concert, show, or sporting event that both of you can enjoy. Check out local venues so you know who's coming to perform and you can get tickets in time.

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A Tree

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Paper is, of course, made from trees. And a tree planted to mark your first year of marriage, when tended and watered, has the potential to grow strong and endure. The symbolism is obvious!  If you don't have a place to plant, consider joining the Arbor Day Foundation and plan for the day when seeds you select can be planted and flourish.

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Love Letter

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Get out a fine piece of paper (email won't do!) and put down your loving thoughts in this 1st anniversary gift, which is sure to be treasured for a lifetime. Not sure how to get started? Click on the link above to learn how to write a love letter. Seal it with a kiss and perhaps add a beautiful love stamp if your spouse is far away.

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Custom Calendar

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If you haven't done anything special with your wedding and honeymoon pictures, create a custom calendar of shots from your first year together. It's a paper anniversary gift that you can enjoy every month of the year.

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While it's certainly not the most romantic present, especially at the first anniversary when traditions are formed, gifts of cash are rarely refused. The size and color are perfect, and it sends the message to your partner that you respect his or her judgment to select an item that pleases. To underscore that you care, place it inside a card and accompany it with a bouquet. 

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Book of Love Poems

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At a loss for words? Give a book as your paper 1st anniversary gift. If there's a particular genre your spouse loves -- thriller, romance, non-fiction, memoir or biography -- it is sure to be appreciated. And don't forget to inscribe a loving message inside. A book of love poems that you can read aloud is a gift that you can enjoy long after your first anniversary.

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Love Coupons

Your first year of marriage may have been a financially difficult one. If that's the case, create a book of love coupons as your paper anniversary gift. You can also buy an inexpensive one.

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