Panda Garden - Shackelford Crossings in Little Rock

Good Food, Good Price

General Tso's Chicken
••• General Tsaos chicken is one of many options at the Panda Garden. Amanda Galiano

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Quick Facts:
Panda Garden is all you can eat Chinese food, with some American foods like fries, prime rib and chicken strips. They also have sushi.
The price is around $11 for an adult at dinner.
There are about five buffets of food, a sushi bar and a dessert buffet

Good Value

The Panda Garden in Shackelford Crossings is a good value. It's one of the better all-you-can eat Chinese restaurants I've been to.

The selection of food is large. They have a sushi bar, your general Chinese favorites, lots of seafood and some American foods that I assume are geared toward kids (fries, chicken strips, onion rings). I even saw "Italian chicken." Also, standard at a buffet, they have a dessert bar featuring an ice cream machine that has 8 kinds of ice cream plus other desserts.

The wait staff is friendly and accommodating. You really don't need them much. You come in the door, they take your drink order and you're off to the buffet. There are no options for non-buffet eaters.

The really great value is the sushi bar.  For a buffet, they do sushi really well and the price is very reasonable.  During busy times of the day, the  rest of the food is fresh, quickly replaced and tasty.  It's hit or miss during slow times (as are most buffets).  Lunch is usually a great time to hit the place and get fresh, delicious food.

Price is about $11 for adults at dinner, $9 during lunch.

Quick Info

Shackelford Crossings Shopping Center, 2604 S. Shackelford Road, Suite G
Hours: 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday

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