Weather in Panama City: Climate, Seasons, and Average Temperature

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Panama City, located in Florida's Panhandle, has an overall average high temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) and an average low of 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). Meanwhile, those flocking to Panama City Beach for spring break in March may experience slightly cooler temperatures. Families visiting during the summer may need to follow these tips on how to beat the Florida heat to keep their cool in the higher temps.

If you’ll be in Panama City during spring break, double check that you have your bathing suit, a cover-up, and sandals for the beach. Be aware though that some restaurants may require a little more than that to provide service.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest Month: July, 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius)
  • Coldest Month: January, 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius)
  • Wettest Month: July, 7.4 inches

Hurricane Season

Be sure to follow these tips for traveling during hurricane season if you'll be in Florida between June 1 and November 30. You can also visit for current weather conditions, 5- or 10-day forecast and more. If you're planning a Florida vacation or getaway, check weather, events, and crowd levels from our month-by-month guides.


March is the start of spring break season, so expect the area to be crowded with college kids. If you do have travel plans in March, make sure to book your hotel rooms far in advance. Around Easter, in early April, is a great time to visit Panama City thanks to the smaller crowds and comfortable temperatures. May marks the sweet spot between the spring break and summer high seasons. The weather is high, attractions are open, and hotel prices are still affordable.

What to pack: Temperatures can still be cold, especially at night, so bring along a light sweater or jacket. During the day, especially by May, temperatures are warm enough for your typical beach or resort wear.


June is the start of summer, so you'll see many families flocking to Panama City. July and August are the hottest months and also tend to have the most rainfall—although it's usually just short afternoon showers. August continues to bring the heat, but the crowds diminish as the school season starts up. While summer is quite rainy, most rainfall is isolated to a heavy shower once a day.

What to pack: Pack lightweight, breathable clothing. Avoid fabrics like polyester that trap sweat and will feel unbearably hot in Panama City's stifling temperatures. Bring sunscreen, too.


Labor Day is high time for Panama City, so come in late September to avoid the beach-goers. October is one of the best months to visit as the temperatures are high but not too hot, and you'll have the beach all to yourself. November is the end of hurricane season and typically has beautiful weather, with sunny, clear days and comfortable temperatures.

What to pack: As temperatures fall, you'll still be able to wear shorts and T-shirts during the daytime, but will need to bring along a light sweater or sweatshirt for the evenings, especially if you travel in late October or November. While it's never downright cold, nighttime temperatures can be cool.


January is in the heart of Panama City's low season in the winter, which means that there are fewer crowds and lower hotel prices. However, if you travel during New Year's, there may still be holiday events happening. Although December is in the heart of the holidays, it is still low season in Panama City, so lodging costs are lower. The weather is typically beautiful this time of year—not too hot, rainy, or humid.

What to pack: Winter is still relatively chilly to those who are used to warmer climates, so you may want to wear long pants and a light jacket for the colder weather.

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours
Month Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 54 F 4.9 inches 11 hours
February 56 F 5.1 inches 11 hours
March 62 F 5.7 inches 12 hours
April 68 F 3.7 inches 13 hours
May 75 F 3.1 inches 14 hours
June 80 F 6.2 inches 14 hours
July 82 F 7.4 inches 14 hours
August 82 F 7.0 inches 13 hours
September 79 F 6.0 inches 12 hours
October 71 F 3.6 inches 11 hours
November 62 F 4.5 inches 11 hours
December 56 F 4.0 inches 10 hours
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