Pamplona Running of the Bulls Guided Tours

Bull running down street with people
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The following companies offer package tours that include the San Fermin Festival, home to the Pamplona running of the bulls.

Considering that the Pamplona Running of the Bulls is a festival that for many people involves large amounts of drinking and macho posturing in front of a small herd of ferocious animals, you can imagine that many Pamplona Tours cater for this crowd.

You can divide tour operators that go to Pamplona as 'backpackers' or 'luxury.'

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      Iberian Traveler has been organizing trips to the Pamplona Running of the Bulls for many years. In fact, the couple who run the company got married in Pamplona! This is the most specialized Pamplona tour, great for if that's all you want to see and nothing more.

      Tour Length: Two to Ten Nights
      Cities Visited: Pamplona.
      Accommodation: Three-, Four- or Five-Star Hotel.
      Tour Type: Luxury
      Notes: Includes balcony reservations to watch the show from if you don't want to run. Transfers from other cities available. Bullfighting tickets with deluxe packages.

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      SPYNS is an 'active travel company based in Canada that offers luxury guided tours of Pamplona. If you're not interested in experiencing the Pamplona Running of the Bulls with British and Australian stag parties, SPYNS offers a viable alternative. Staying a few minutes walk outside the city center (where it is much quieter) you will get three chances to run with the bulls as well as a private balcony for when you'd prefer to spectate. Trip includes a night in Madrid, two nights in Barcelona and three in Pamplona, as well as a couple of shorter tour options.

      Tour Length: Seven Days
      Cities Visited: Pamplona, Madrid, and Barcelona.
      Accommodation: Three- or Four-Star Hotel
      Tour Type: Luxury
      Notes: Three levels of luxury depending on how much you want to be pampered. Includes balcony reservation for watching the bull run in style.

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      Another tour from SPYNS, focusing on the festival itself.

      Tour Length: Three or four nights.
      Cities Visited: Pamplona.
      Accommodation: Luxury.
      Notes: Includes a private balcony reservation and two or three opportunities to run with the bulls.

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      An excellent-value tour of Spain that spends one night in Pamplona for the Pamplona Running of the Bulls. See some of the best cities in northern without having to re-pack your suitcase every night, as you sleep on the train!

      Tour Length: Seven days
      Cities Visited: Pamplona, Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia, Salamanca, Burgos, Avila, Zaragoza.
      Accommodation: Train!
      Notes: You only stay one night in Pamplona and only get to see one bull run.

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    • 05 of 06, as the name suggests, specializes in accommodation in Pamplona, but they also offer balconies, airport transfers and tapas and wine in the afternoon (a great way to fill your afternoons as there isn't much else to do in Pamplona during San Fermin).

      Tour Length: Various​
      Cities Visited: Pamplona
      Accommodation: Rooms and apartments in Pamplona.
      Notes: Can also book tickets for the bullfights.

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      A cheap and cheerful website, these guys are Pamplona fanatics. They even provide contact details for if you want to join their party without paying to join one of their tours. If you have never run before, contact these guys; they'll give you some essential advice.

      Tour Length: Various
      Cities Visited: Pamplona
      Accommodation: Rooms and apartments in Pamplona.
      Notes: A great all-round booking service that will do whatever they can to give you the experience you are looking for.