Palolem Beach Travel Guide

Plan Your Trip to South Goa's Popular Palolem Beach

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Picturesque Palolem Beach, enclosed by a thick forest of coconut palms in far south Goa, is arguably the state's most beautiful beach. This mile long, shady, semi-circle shaped beach continues to grow in popularity every year, and it's become very lively with the diverse crowd that it attracts.


South Goa, 43 kilometers (27 miles) from Marago (Madgaon) and 76 kilometers (47 miles) from Panaji (Panjim), the state's capital.

Getting There

The closest railway stations to Palolem are Marago on the Konkan Railway and Canacona (also known as Chaudi). Canacona is a 10 minute drive away from Palolem and the journey costs about 100 rupees in an auto rickshaw. Marago is 40 minutes away and costs about 800 rupees in a taxi. Alternatively, Goa's Dabolim airport is around one and a half hours away. A taxi from the airport will cost about 1,500 rupees. There's a prepaid taxi counter after you exit the airport, on your left.

Climate and Weather

The weather is warm throughout the year. Temperatures rarely reach more than 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day or drop below 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. Some winter nights can get a bit chilly from December to February though. Palolem receives rain from the southwest monsoon from June to August, and most places on the beach close down during this time (including the beach huts, which get dismantled).

The tourist season kicks off in late October, and starts slowing down around March.

Palolem Beach

Everyone, from long term travelers to package tourists, seems to have found an appropriate place for themselves on Palolem Beach. As a result, there are completely different atmospheres from one end of the beach to the other.

The quieter and laid back north tends to attract families, while backpackers congregate in the center and south where the party scene is. The ocean is also gentler in the north and doesn't get deep as quick as in the south, which is safer for small children.

What to Do

Palolem offers both relaxation and adventure. Those who've had enough of lounging on the beach can go dolphin spotting or fishing in a boat, or take an inexpensive boat trip along the backwater canals during high tide. Hiring a kayak is also a good way to explore the surroundings. During low tide, it's possible to walk to Butterfly Beach (which becomes an island when the tide is in) where there are hiking trails and striking sunsets to be enjoyed. For those who like to shop, Palolem also has a market just behind the beach that sells jewelry, clothes, and souvenirs. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary makes a pleasant day trip from Palolem.

Where to Stay

The feature at Palolem is the temporary coco huts, which line the beach from October until May. Some are more basic than others, and can come with or without a bathroom. This guide to the best Goa beach huts offers some suggestions.

In addition, Camp San Fransisco is known to provide some of the cheapest huts on the beach.

Ciaran's, located in the middle of Palolem Beach, has well appointed luxury huts in beautiful surroundings. Rooms are also available in guesthouses and hotels set back from the beach. Om Sai Guest House, located at the northern end of Palolem market, is recommended as an inexpensive alternative to the beach huts.

For something really unique and rejuvenating, don't miss Turiya Villa and Spa. This gorgeously renovated Goan villa is less than 10 minutes drive away in Chaudi, and is haven that you'll never want to leave.

Where to Eat

Dropadi is possibly the most popular shack on the beach. It serves up an array of cocktails, wines, and seafood accompanied by a mesmerizing ocean view. If you've had enough Indian cuisine and want something different, you'll find yummy European fusion food at Ourem 8.

Book ahead during the busy tourist season! For a delicious cup of chai or juice head to Little World.This hidden gem has just a few garden tables and a wonderful ambiance. Cafe Inn, on the main road behind the rickshaw stand, does an epic western breakfast. The Space Goa caters to the heath conscious, with organic and vegan food. It's located on the road between Palolem and Agonda beaches.

Where to Party

The nightlife at Palolem is as eclectic as the people that the beach attracts. Dance music, live music, reggae, and rock -- it pumps until the early hours of the morning, if not through speakers at least though headphones at the unique Silent Noise Parties. Silent Noise parties are held every Saturday from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. at Neptune Point, the rocky peninsula on the southern side of the beach. Cafe Del Mar and Cocktails & Dreams (yes, it is based on the movie starring Tom Cruise) have 24 hour licenses, so are the places to be for other late night or early morning action.

Alternatively, head to Leopard Valley on the Palolem-Agonda Road to dance the night away. It's south Goa's biggest outdoor dance club.

Travel Tips

Many people wonder whether they should book their accommodation in advance at Palolem, or just turn up and hope they find a beach hut. If you're not too fussy about where you stay, it's possible to do the latter. However, the good places do fill up quickly during peak season in December and January, so booking ahead can be wise. Make sure you bring a flashlight and mosquito repellent. A sweater can also come in handy during the cooler months.