Painting With Dolphins at Mirage Las Vegas

 Courtesy of Zeke Quezada

I glide my fingers over the belly of the dolphin that has made his way over to the edge of the pool. I notice how smooth his skin is instantly. Every dolphin I see in the wild usually has so many scratches and marks you'd think they spent all their time biting and fighting each other. Painting With Dolphins In Las Vegas

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat
Location: Mirage Las Vegas 
340 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702.791.7188

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Hours: Available at 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. daily

Description of Painting With Dolphins In Las Vegas:
Your experience will begin with a tour of the facilities where you’ll meet your dolphin trainer as well as the dolphin that will help you create a masterpiece that you’ll frame and show off to your friends. You’ll be instructed on the proper procedures for holding the canvas and helping the painting process along. You‘ll choose some colors and you’ll learn about the program. This is a great behind-the-scenes moment because you’ll be able to ask questions of the trainers and see how much work goes into making sure that the entire dolphin habitat runs smoothly and professionally.

Once you are ready to paint you’ll be escorted out to the main pool where you’ll roll up your pants and get ready for some painting with the dolphins. The dolphin will be called over and you’ll be so close to your painting partner that you can actually give him/her a kiss. I actually did plant one on my dolphin. Salty!

As the trainer guides you through the process you’ll learn about the particular dolphin you are working with as well as their tendencies. You’ll get to feed them and really explore their body. You’ll feel their tail, rub their belly and look deep inside their mouth.

Your appreciation for dolphins will be cemented after this experience and your knowledge will be bolstered by your interaction with the dolphins at the Mirage

What to Expect at Painting With Dolphins In Las Vegas Las Vegas?
You might get a little wet. Mainly your knees and you will have to bend over to lean in to the water. They do provide a chair to make it easier for some patrons. You will actively engage with dolphins so that means you’ll touch, rub and even talk to the dolphins. They won’t talk back but you’ll get a good view of the training techniques that the staff employs at the Mirage.

The Highlights
When you walk away with a painting it is secondary to the experience of interacting with the dolphins. You’ll want to do it again. You’ll tell people about it. You’ll want to make a difference in the environment that they live in.

Who is Painting With Dolphins In Las Vegas Good For?
I consider myself the luckiest guy on the planet because I have a great job and I get to experience so many wonderful and fascinating things that it usually feels surreal. I’ve seen many a dolphin in the Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean. These beautiful marine mammals are impressive and graceful as they glide through the water in effortless propulsion. I would like to think that I try to do my best to help protect the natural environment as well as these impressive creatures.

Painting with dolphins on the surface could seem like that opportunity to exploit an animal in captivity to make a buck. It is what detractors sent me notes about on the social media channels. While I respect their opinions I also see the faces of the young children at Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. I listen to the questions they ask about their habitat and their abilities. I see the eyes of the young spectators who watch with curiosity and intrigue.

What I see is the future of environmental awareness. Not in the political way that we might attempt to label people who make decision but more in the way that kids realize that what goes down their drain leads to the ocean and that eventually ends up in the home of the dolphin. I see kids who understand that these animals are meant to be protected.

You might still have reservations with this practice and I respect you for that but know that my attempt is to provide the reader with options in Las Vegas and this is an opportunity to help inform people about a world that they typically know less about.

How Much Does Painting With Dolphins In Las Vegas cost? 
Price: $199 (Admission included)
*Maximum of 2 participants per time slot.
Must be 8 years old or older.

To book your artistic endeavor, book online, call 702.792.7889 or visit the Ticket Booth.

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