How To Find Vacation Package Deals to Las Vegas

You Can Find A Good Deal to Las Vegas With A Little Effort

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As the economy softens up and money becomes tight vacations become a bit harder to come by. Las Vegas is very affordable and a package deal to Las Vegas makes it even better. Use a few of these sites to find the right package deal for you to get away. As of late I have found deals that usually are unheard of. Exploit the situation in your favor. Las Vegas is giving you your very own stimulus package, use it to your advantage and find a low cost package deal.

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Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: A Couple of Hours

Here's How:

  1. Do you have dates in mind? If it is a weekend trip can you arrive on Thursday instead of Friday? That will save you plenty of money on a package deal to Las Vegas.
  2. What type of hotel are you looking for. Family, cheap, moderate or Luxury? Get a good look at them first and then figure it out. Find a Hotel for your vacation package and then consider your flight.
  3. Flying or driving? If you are flying, can you deal with a lay over? The inconvenience of a quick 2 hour stay in a foreign airport can save you tremendously. Just pack a small day pack where you carry your essentials and you'll be fine. Explore another airport, make the layover part of your adventure. The little things can save you money on a vacation package.
  4. Do you need entertainment and tours in your Las Vegas vacation package or are you spending time at the pool knee deep in fruity cocktails and sunscreen? My idea of the perfect Las Vegas vacation always includes an abundance of pool hours. A vacation should mean relaxing and afternoon lounging. Save money on shows by having drinks at the pool instead. In Las Vegas the pool scene is just as legendary as the showgirls.
  5. Patience. Look through a few of the travel sites I suggest and see what works best for you. How close to the center of the strip do you have to be? Do you need 15 restaurants that all cost far too much in a hotel? Do they have a food court for a quick meal? Figure what is most important and book your Las Vegas Vacation Package.
  6. Use Tips For Travel Deals To Las Vegas?to start your search. You'll be able to compare quite a few different resources.
  7. If you are thinking last minute, consider's last minute deals. The offers on this page regularly and you can often save as much as 50% of prices you find elsewhere. Also, even if it is not a last minute vacation package that you seek you might still find a very good deal.
  8. When searching for a vacation package do not book the first thing you see. If you found one good deal, chances are you will find a few more. While using Travelocity you can change so many variables that you get a good idea of what is available to you. Also, they do a good job of breaking down prices on the same page with other properties so you can see what you are getting.
  9. If you are traveling from an area where Southwest Airlines Vacations serves make sure to check their prices. They consistently offer no frills flying and their prices are usually very competitive.
  10. Search the hotel deals and promotions for vacation packages direct from Las Vegas hotels. They do their best to get you to stay at there properties so they might be offering airline credits or free nights. Las Vegas hotels are doing everything they can to attract business and these deals are good for you. Your Las Vegas vacation package might cost way less than you thought.


  1. Use this info on flying to Las Vegas to help you plan you vacation. It should make the flight portion of your package easier.
  2. Need more tips on saving money on Las Vegas hotels? Use these resources and see just how much of a difference there is between a cheap hotel and a luxury hotel vacation package.
  3. Use these tips to help you save money on a flight to Las Vegas. The little things can be very important. Good research might prove to find you a better price on a package deal.
  4. Really need to see a show in Las Vegas? I know they are not cheap but here are a few tips on saving money on Las Vegas shows.

What You Need:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Sunscreen
  • A drink
  • Some dancing
  • A nap
  • Confidentiality
  • A way to wipe the smile off your face
  • More money for your next trip
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