Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier

Amusement rides at Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier.Lou Jones
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Pacific Park is the amusement park on Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. Open since 1996, it includes a dozen rides and 15 midway games as well as a climbing wall, one of those bungee bounce jumping things and a food court. The most famous ride is the iconic solar Ferris Wheel that runs off solar energy on sunny days. At night, it puts on a colorful show that can be seen for miles.

Ticket Prices for Pacific Park Rides

There is no admission charge for Pacific Park. Rides can be purchase individually for $5-$10, or you can buy an unlimited ride wristband for $16.15-$29.25. Wristbands are included as part of the Go Los Angeles Card.
The Santa Monica Pier Carousel is not part of Pacific Park and is not included in the Pacific Park wristband.

Rides at Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier

  • Pacific Wheel is a nine-story solar-powered Ferris Wheel that takes riders 130 feet above the ocean at its highest point. After the sun goes down, it goes back on the power grip for its nightly light show.
  • West Coaster is a steel-track roller coaster that races along the south side of the pier 55 feet above the ocean.
  • Pacific Plunge is a 45-foot lift-and-drop tower ride.
  • Sea Dragon is the adult-size version of a swinging wooden ship ride with two dragon heads at either end.
  • Inkie’s Scrambler is a 12-car swirling ride for adults that spins at 11 revolutions per minute.
  • SIG Alert EV (electric vehicle) is a bumper car ride where the cars are operated with joy sticks for 360-degree maneuvering.
  • Inkie’s Air Lift has spinning tea-cup style cars that are lifted up and down in hot-air-balloon fashion.
  • Sea Planes accommodate adults and children in small planes that you can maneuver up and down as they fly in a circle.
  • Inkie’s Pirate Ship is a kid-size version of the swinging boat ride.
  • Inkie’s Wave Jumper has little boats that spin around and bounce up and down like you're riding the waves.
  • Frog Hopper is a smaller version of the Pacific Plunge designed for little kids, but sturdy enough for adults to ride along.


  • Gyro Loops is really more like a ride, but Pacific Park lists it as a game because you can compete against each other for prizes. Pairs of people sit in a car that spins on the end of a pole and the pole spins forward around an axis. The car spin is controlled by the riders using a joystick.
  • Photo Booth - no amusement pier should be without one.

Midway Games

Pacific Park has 15 midway games typical of any carnival, from balloon darts to basketball toss and water shooting games to play for prizes.

Pacific Park Food Court

The Food Court is inside the Pacific Park amusement park section of the pier, but there's no admission, so it's accessible to everyone. Vendors include:

Beach Burger: Burgers, hot dogs and fries

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Coffee, tea, and pastries
Funnel Cake Factory

Pacific Wheel Pizza Company: Personal 9" pizzas

Scoops - ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes
Whac-a-Mole Tacos: Tacos, loaded nachos, and other Mexican eats

Food Carts - Dippin' Dots ice cream beads, popcorn, pretzels, churros, cotton candy
Check out the Live Cam on the Pacific Park website to see what's going on now. Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @PacPark to get special offers.
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