Pacific Breeze Lounger Review

A comfortable beach lounger you can carry like a backpack

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Pacific Breeze Lounger

Pacific Breeze Lounger

Tripsavvy / Carrie Bluth

What We Like
  • Easy to carry

  • Comfortable

  • Great for sunbathing

What We Don't Like
  • Moderate learning curve for mastering proper folding

  • Minimal storage

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for an unfussy alternative to a beach chair that packs the comfort of a chaise lounge and hands-free portability of a backpack, look no further than the Pacific Breeze Lounger.


Pacific Breeze Lounger

Pacific Breeze Lounger

Tripsavvy / Carrie Bluth

We purchased the Pacific Breeze Lounger so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Beach chairs just keep getting better. We’re seeing more styles designed for maximum comfort and portability than ever before. The Pacific Breeze Lounger is one of those offering a fresh take on the traditional beach chair. Sold as two-pack, this product offers the laid-back comfort of a chaise lounge in a form that is lightweight and portable, as it folds up like a backpack. Read on to find out if we liked it as much as we expected to, or if this chaise lounge-backpack mash-up is too good to be true.

Pacific Breeze Lounger
Tripsavvy / Carrie Bluth

Design: Comfort meets portability

The idea behind the design is a really good one. Basically, it’s an attempt to wed the comfort of a chaise lounge with the portability of a backpack. It’s an ambitious design goal, and Pacific Breeze has done it quite well here. The pared-down simplicity of the lounger makes it seem like a beach chair for people who don't like beach chairs. In other words, it’s a huge upgrade over just lying on the sand with your towel. 

We love that it comes in a set of two so we could easily share with a friend or family member.

And yet, it doesn’t try to do too much. There’s no drink holder or towel bar. It’s a lounger that knows its most important job: provide a place for beachgoers to lie down and then fold up for convenient, hands-free carrying. 

In person, the Pacific Breeze Lounger was bigger than we expected. They really are intended for full-body lounging, so naturally, they are long. We love that it comes in a set of two so we can easily share with a friend or family member.

When folded up into a neat square and worn as a backpack with the attached straps, the size is so large that the bottom goes past your thighs. The look is reminiscent of the bouldering mats that rock climbers sometimes carry. For smaller-framed people, it might even touch the back of your knees. It’s not uncomfortable, however, and is surprisingly lightweight—ideal for travel.

There is one mid-size, built-in pocket with a zipper for storing smaller items like sunscreen and keys. We found the storage helpful, but not nearly as helpful as a bigger pocket or multiple pockets would have been. 

Pacific Breeze Lounger
Tripsavvy / Carrie Bluth

Materials: Durable, outdoor-ready

A heavy-duty polyester cover fits over an olefin foam pad, and the backrest is a steel frame. Being a synthetic fiber, the material dries quickly. It feels soft enough to sit on bare-legged, but we still prefer layering with a towel for convenience (more on that later). 

The foam cushioning is nice and thick, about 1 inch, with a perfect level of firmness. It’s so comfortable, in fact, that a family member, who shall remain nameless, actually set it up in the living room during a family movie night.

The foam cushioning is nice and thick, with a perfect level of firmness.

Overall, the materials seem strong and very durable. The turquoise and lime green colorway is the only option. It looks exactly like it does in images: bright and cheerful.

Performance: Adjustable comfort that’s easy to use once you get the hang of it

Unfolding the lounger for the first time is straightforward. The steel frame backrest pops open at the perfect angle, and it’s super comfortable to relax in. Unlike a more traditional beach chair that has you perched over the sand, however, this lounger has you at sand level. We noticed pretty quickly that sand easily creeps all over the mat. With every move we made, to reach for sunscreen, a drink, etc., we attracted more sand. 

Adding a towel over the mat seemed like the way to go, as we were able to shake it off—much easier than trying to brush the sand off the mat or flip the whole thing over. It also felt a lot nicer to have a towel on the mat when we came back dripping wet from a dip in the water. 

Pacific Breeze Lounger
Tripsavvy / Carrie Bluth

We are big fans of taking in a juicy beach read while sunbathing, and this lounge is perfect for that. The side straps can be tightened or loosened to adjust the angle of the backrest. You can even recline the lounger to the flat position when it’s time for a post-swim cat nap.

Folding the chair back up when the day was done presented a bit of a puzzle, as it can technically fold different ways, but the hook-and-loop fastener straps must line up properly to secure it. Once we figured it out, it was easy to get it right, but it does seem worth mentioning that there’s a bit of a learning curve.

We found the storage helpful, but not nearly as helpful as a bigger pocket or multiple pockets would have been.

Price: Reasonable

You can pick up a two-pack of the Pacific Breeze Loungers for about $80, which is about middle-of-the-road for a beach chair. Some models only offer a single chair for this price, while others are priced even lower. We’d say that for the clever design and comfort, the Pacific Breeze set is a worthwhile investment you can use at the beach, campsite, and more.

Pacific Breeze Lounger vs. Lightspeed Outdoors Portable Lounger   

Both Pacific Breeze and Lightspeed Outdoors offer loungers that come in a two-pack, and both seem to have the same concept in mind: They have a single pocket, fold up into a backpack, and were designed for stretching out. However, the Pacific Breeze Lounger measures almost 75-inches long, whereas the Lightspeed lounger is only about 56-inches in length. The extra length makes a big difference for taller people. Of course, the extra size means extra weight, with the Pacific Breeze coming in at just over 6 pounds compared to the Lightspeed, at under 4 pounds. 

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A comfortable, travel-friendly option.

The Pacific Breeze Lounger 2 Pack gets our vote for comfort and portability. We like the extra cushiony feel and the backpack straps.


  • Product Name Lounger 2 Pack
  • Product Brand Pacific Breeze Products
  • Price $82.99
  • Weight 6 lbs.
  • Color Turquoise/lime green
  • Dimensions 74.8 x 21 in.
  • Dimensions Folded 27.5 x 21 in.
  • Material Steel frame, polyester cover, olefin foam pad
  • Warranty 1 year, limited
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