Outdoor Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Outside in the Elements on the Las Vegas Strip

When the weather is nice it’s always a plus to go to a club where part of the attraction is an outdoor area. Some have great views of the entire Las Vegas valley while others peek out onto the Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas nightlife is getting better all the time and these clubs take you outside to improve the Las Vegas experience.

You should know that Las Vegas nightclubs are still very expensive and if you are just looking to enjoy the outdoors while you have a drink there are a lot of options that do not include a long line and wall to wall people. Nightclubs are fun but the alternatives are just as good for some of us who do not need the giant dance floor. Check out Skyfall at Delano for a lounge experience with an outdoor patio and a view from way up high over the Las Vegas strip. Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas is way more casual and you get a friendly environment to go along with a subdued nightlife experience. Vice Vera at Vdara is an indoor/outdoor lounge with plenty of space for mingling and a relaxed Las Vegas nightlife vibe. Parasol Down at Wynn is an outdoor patio with fabulous cocktails and a luxury feel.

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Ghostbar at the Palms Las Vegas

The Patio and View at the Ghostbar at Palms Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy of Palms Resort Casino

This is one of those trendy bars that attracts a young, good looking crowd. Do I stand out? A little, but my wife looks decent enough to get me a pass. The views are similar to those at the Rio with a slightly younger crowd and louder music. If the drinks were cheaper people would get so tanked they would attempt to jump, but nobody has that much money.

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XS at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Photo by Barbara Craft

Inside, outside, dance,mingle, stay up all night. That is pretty much the recipe at XS Nightclub at Encore Las Vegas and you can bet that you will have a lot to talk about the next morning. On a nice night the space by the pool is as good as Las Vegas nightlife gets.

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Marquee NightClub

The day club is why this is an outdoor nightclub  and the action a=is about as hot as you can get. All the pretty people are here and the crowds get massive. Expect expensive drinks and a very "Vegas"experience. That means big name DJs and a lot VIP tables with barely a spot to dance. You will find that fun.

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Omnia at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Pure at Caesars is hot. Look over the Las Vegas strip and dance at one of the hottest clubs in town. When the temperature is hot outside the energy in the club is off the charts. Try not to star gaze as this the place where Hollywood bad people go to get into the tabloids.

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VooDoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel

The VooDoo lounge practically invented the concept of an outdoor club with crippling views of the Las Vegas Strip. They have done a great job of updating the club and have added a lot of extras to keep up with the other clubs in town. look across the Las Vegas Valley and hold that person you just met in close. Almost romantic in a one night stand kind of way.

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Surrender at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

This club that bleeds out from the casino floor at Encore Las Vegas is quaint yet huge. The doors open out onto the space where Encore Beach club happens and the luxurious setting along with the Vegas nightclub atmosphere make for a really good experience. When the weather is right this is one of those nightclubs where you'll mingle for hours upon hours.

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