Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks in Moscow

Ice Skating in Moscow

Russia, Moscow; Youths ice-skating in front of the huge Shopping Mall, the Gum, on Red Square in winter
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During the long Moscow winter, freezing temperatures create the perfect conditions for outdoor ice skating rinks. These start appearing in December and stay open through the coldest months of the year. Watch for long lines on weekends and during the holidays, especially if you have to rent skates. Below you'll find information about some of Moscow's outdoor ice skating rinks.

Ice Skating Rink on Red Square

The ice skating rink on Red Square in front of the GUM department store is one of the most well-known ice skating rinks in Moscow, especially for tourists who may want to combine an evening at the city's most famous landmark with this this favorite winter pastime.

For information about times of operation, prices, and a layout of the ice skating rink, you can visit the GUM-Katok website: www.gum.ru/en/katok.

Ice Skating in Moscow's Parks

Some parks in Moscow open ice skating rinks during the winter. Gorky Park's ice skating rink is popular for its ice disco complete with lights and music. Paths through the park are iced over for skating, too. It's also possible to ice skate at Izmailovo Park and Sokolniki Park.

Patriarch's Ponds and Chistiye Prudy

Both Patriarch's Ponds and Chistiye Prudy are potential ice-skating rinks during the winter. However, given the fact that skaters must wait for nature to make the ice thick enough to support this activity, caution is advised.

Ice Skating Rink at Petrovka

The Rink at Petrovka is also called the “French Ice Skating Rink,” and its wintertime appearance is a well-established tradition in Moscow. Website: www.katoknapetrovke.ru.

Hermitage Garden Ice Skating Rink

The Hermitage Garden Ice Skating Rink is another favorite outdoor rink. There is a separate rink for children, a skate rental, and a cafe.
Website: www.katokermitaj.ru

Skating Rink at Kolomenskoe

The ice skating rink at Kolomenskoe claims a long history. Kolomenskoye Park is the location of the World Heritage-protected Church of the Ascension. Ice rink website: www.superkatok.ru.