Best Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Campers

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Are you looking for the perfect camping stocking stuffer for your favorite camper? There are a lot of great camping gifts on the market and we've selected our favorites for the outdoors adventurer on your shopping list. Here's a selection of the best camping gifts and stocking stuffer ideas that range in price from under $20 to under $200.

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    Many national and state parks have banned the sale of plastic water bottles, which is great for the environment because less plastic means less waste. If you love to spend time outdoors, you'll need a reusable water bottle, so you can say hydrated.

    Clean Bottle's revolutionary design opens ​at both ends for easy cleaning. And the new square style won't roll. With a large handle for carrying and an inexpensive price tag, the Clean Bottle Tritan Square is our favorite gift for outdoor adventurers this year. Add on the Fast Flow Filter or Fruit Infuser for fun accessories and to make your water taste even better. 

    MSRP $11.99

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    For the camper who loves to adventure beyond the campground, the currexSole EDGEPRO inserts are an ideal gift. According to a recent study, currexSole provides a 30% increase in comfort when compared to the sock liner and was the top choice for comfort and performance in a blind test versus other top selling inserts. 

    Wear them casually in your athletic shoes, or for high performance in your hiking boots. The EDGEPRO is an all-around insert that will provide added stability for all of your adventures.   

    MSRP $49.95

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    Anyone who spends time outdoors needs to protect their skin. Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen will not only keep you from getting burned, but the inactive ingredients also nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin with aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamins C and E.

    The bestselling Active SPF 34 comes in four sizes, which are perfect for traveling outdoors adventurers. Throw in vanilla, mint, cherry blossom or citrus lip balm to make a complete stocking stuffer set.  

    MSRP $5.99- 29.99 (1 oz -8 oz.)

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    Teavana Contour Tumbler

    This travel tea brewing tumbler by Teavana is ideal for tea lovers and allows campers to brew loose leaf tea directly in their mug. The 16-ounce Contour Tumbler travel mug features a removable stainless steel brewing basket with a removable lid top that holds the basket. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated tea tumbler will keep your favorite blend hot or cold for up to six hours.

    MSRP $32.95

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    The Chums Gizmo is a water-resistant padded accessory case that can hold cameras, electronics, sunglasses and more. For the camper who has gear to protect, the case is an ideal gift. Throw it in your pack for added protection, or attach it to your backpack or belt loop for quick access. 

    MSRP $24.99

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    The SteriPEN Freedom is a small and reliable water purifier ideal for the backcountry camper, hiker, camper or traveler. With its use of ultraviolet light, the purification system destroys bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. It easily tucks into your pocket or backpack and quickly purifies unsafe water sources. You can use it to treat water from lakes, streams, or even unreliable sources like campground water spigots.

    MSRP $119.95

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    Campers love to relax at the campground and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, but have you ever spotted a bird perched high in a tree and wish you could see it better? With a pair of binoculars, identifying and enjoying nature has never been easier.

    Often considered the best binoculars for the value, the Alpen Optics MagnaView are comfortable and durable but still offer the quality sports optics. The MagnaView has an ergonomic comfort grip and rubber armoring for protection. All Alpen Optics binoculars come with a “no-fault, no-problem” lifetime warranty.

    MSRP $75.00

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    With the power of the sun, the Goal Zero “Nomad 7” solar panel will allow even the most adventurous camper to stay connected in the wilderness. Campgrounds and backcountry wilderness areas don’t have reliable power sources if any power at all.

    The compact and portable solar charging system is most popular for charging smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets, although, with the various adapters, you can charge just about anything, so long as you have sunshine.

    MSRP $99.99

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    No one really wants to carry around a saw when they are camping, but often when you are trying to get a campfire started you wish you had one. The Ultimate Survival Technologies “SaberCut” hand saw, is small and compacts down into a small, safe carrying case. The saw and case weigh only 6 ounces!

    The 24-inch flexible blade is designed to cut through even the hardest wood, quickly, efficiently and safely. If you are a camper that loves to have a campfire this is truly a handy tool.!

    MSRP $29.99

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