TripSavvy Is Celebrating Outdoor Adventures in May

We've put together the ultimate guidebook for spending time in nature

Great Sand Dunes

Ryan Dearth Photography

Were parking lots at your local trailheads packed last year? Did you plan your annual National Park vacation only to find sold-out campsites? You're not alone.

Not surprisingly, a stunted spring led more Americans than ever to find solace in the Great Outdoors during the latter half of 2020. According to data from the Outdoor Industry Association, Americans took up running, bicycling, day hiking, bird watching, and camping in great numbers since March 2020. And we're hoping they stick around.

With that in mind, we've dedicated our May feature package to outdoors and adventure. Whether you're looking for top gear picks from experts, essential outdoor skills to master, or under-the-radar trails and parks to plan your summer adventures, we've got you covered.

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