Top Outdoor Activities in Oklahoma City

Bricktown canal Oklahoma City

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Cabin fever can set in a little bit following the chilly Oklahoma City winters. So when the weather starts to warm, everyone wants to get outside. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in the metro area. Here are some of the best.

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Get on the Oklahoma River

Oklahoma Riversport Activities

Adam Knapp

While Bricktown is fun and the water taxis on the canal are relaxing, the Oklahoma River offers a unique opportunity for outside recreation. Get a Riversport Adventure Pass for a number of privileges such as ropes course and zip line, but even without, you can rent a kayak, learn about rowing, get a bicycle for use on the scenic trails, and more. 

Also, consider... Oklahoma River Cruises offer public rides, private cruises and scheduled themed cruises along a 7-mile stretch of water.

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Take a Water Taxi Ride on the Bricktown Canal

Bricktown Water Taxis

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Tickets to ride the Water Taxis are good all day, so take some time while in Bricktown to cruise the canal. Sit back, rest your feet and enjoy the sights of Oklahoma City's growing entertainment district. Those walking will give you a friendly wave as you listen to the fun bits of information from the captain.

Also, consider... Enjoy the streets of Bricktown with a comfortable ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

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See a Game at the Bricktown Ballpark

Bricktown Ballpark

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Green grass, flowers in bloom, beautiful sunny days... Yes, spring means all of that, but it also means baseball. Even if you're not a sports fan, the Bricktown Ballpark, one of the better minor-league venues around, is a wonderful place to enjoy a pleasant day outside. Nearly all the seating locations are good, so grab some concessions and settle in.

Also, consider... The outfield area offers an opportunity for viewers to really spread out as they enjoy the game.

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Head Out to Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner Oklahoma City

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There are several lakes around the Oklahoma City area, of course, but Lake Hefner is arguably the best for outdoor recreational activities. The lake is ​a popular spot for sailboats, and the trails and surrounding area are perfect for bicyclists, joggers, kids, and those looking for a comfortable, outdoor picnic.

Also, consider... The Lake Hefner Golf Course is one of the better public courses in Oklahoma City, and it's very reasonably priced.

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Try White Water Bay and Frontier City

Frontier City Oklahoma City

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Many residents remember going to longtime OKC amusement parks White Water Bay and Frontier City when they were kids. Frontier City continues to add new attractions and has a wonderful summer concert series while White Water Bay is a great cure for the heat of the Oklahoma summer.

Also, consider... Double Park Season Passes help with the cost and ​pay for themselves after about three trips, but if you're looking for a cheaper option, Oklahoma City has plenty of reasonably priced public swimming pools and spraygrounds.

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See a Performance by Shakespeare in the Park

Myriad Water Stage Oklahoma City

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As with many other aspects of Oklahoma City, the arts community is better than ever in the metro. The shows at the Civic Center Music Hall are only the beginning. When the weather gets nice, step outside for a wonderful theatrical experience. Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park performs throughout the summer on the Myriad Gardens Water Stage.

Also, consider... College campuses can be excellent spots for other outdoor performance events and festivals in the summer. Check event calendars of colleges and universities in the metro.

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Attend an Outdoor Concert

Sunday Twilight Concert Series

Arts Council of Oklahoma City

The Chesapeake Energy Arena is not without its charms, but during the spring and summer months, get outside for your live music fix. There's the unique Zoo Amphitheatre, for example, where concerts typically begin in May, and the Sunday Twilight Concert Series at the Myriad Botanical Gardens is a real outdoor treat.

Also, consider... Keep an eye on the summer event calendars for festivals that feature top local musicians.  

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Choose From Several Metro Festivals & Outdoor Events

Stars & Stripes River Festival OKC

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It starts with the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts in late April, and the festivals around the metro only increase from there. May brings arts festivals in both Edmond and Norman, and June has the Stars and Stripes Festival on the river.

Also, consider... The First Friday of every month brings outdoor fun to the historic Paseo Arts District in OKC. Check out the live galleries, enjoy live music, and sample the wines.

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Visit the Oklahoma City Zoo


Adam Knapp

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a perfect outdoor getaway in the metro. See all the wonderful and unique exhibits such as the Oklahoma Trails, and simply enjoy the relaxing stroll through the grounds. There are great events throughout the spring and summer, paddleboats, a safari tram, restaurants where you can rest your feet and, of course, the enjoyable animal shows.

Also, consider... If you've already been to the zoo several times and want something a bit different, check out the Martin Park Nature Center on West Memorial. It's a wildlife sanctuary with a museum, hiking trails and more.

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Choose a Unique Outdoor Dining Location

Bourbon Street Cafe

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There are literally hundreds of restaurants in Oklahoma City that offer some type of outdoor seating, so when the weather gets nice, ask to be seated outside. Even better, choose a unique location that offers a scenic dining experience. Options might include Zio's or Bourbon Street Cafe along the Bricktown canal, any of the restaurants on Lake Hefner's East Wharf, or spots like Bellini's at the Waterford Complex.​

Also, consider... While it doesn't offer the water scenes of the above options, a great place to dine outside is the Paseo Arts District.