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Ayer's Rock at dusk

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Alice Springs in the heart of Australia has become a prime tourist destination, rich with plenty to offer for any budding traveler seeking to dip into true Australian culture.

Free from stereotypes and metropolitan areas, Alice Springs in the Northern Territory allow for individuals to truly connect with the center of Australia and experience the beauty and wonder of the outback.

Alice Springs Activities

One of the most popular activities in the Alice Springs area is a walking tour. By participating in one of these, any tourist is bound to get the most out of this distinct landscape, whilst simultaneously soaking up the entire atmosphere that encompasses the space.

One example of an excellent and authentic tour that showcases the outback in its true glory is the Foot Falcon Walking Tour. This two-hour tour provides a lot of historical and cultural context and really allows for visitors to appreciate this unique part of the world. 

Alongside this, another popular activity to participate in within Alice Springs includes the visiting the Alice Springs Reptile Centre. Being one of the more unique animal parks in the Northern Territory, the Alice Springs Reptile Centre is an area that allows visitors to see a wide variety of creatures native to the area. Though small in size, the Alice Springs Reptile Centre is rich with indigenous animals that reflect the Northern Territories landscape quite perfectly.

Another pivotal point for any aspiring traveler is experiencing the Bush Yarns by the circle of sand. By getting to partake in this spiritual talk hosted by an aboriginal storyteller, you’re bound to have a mystical experience. 


One of the main attractions for people wishing to venture out to Alice Springs is the memorable natural phenomenon that is Uluru. While Uluru and Alice Springs are often linked together, they are in fact more than 450 kilometers apart (almost 300 miles) – so be sure to factor travel distances into your plans if you’re hoping to explore both!

Uluru is a heritage listed natural landmark that's a testament to Australian beauty that no journey to the land down under would be complete without.

Some of the greatest aspects of visiting Alice Springs are the mythical landscapes and natural sites that encompass this remote and serene space within the country. Alice Springs is also renowned for the sheer beauty that surrounds it. The blend of uniquely red-ochre tones meshed beautifully with the white gum trees, really sets the scene for this incredible aspect of Australian culture.

When headed toward Uluru, another key thing to check out includes the Camel Tours. By venturing around the gorgeous landscape that is Uluru on the back of a camel, you really get to experience the beauty in an entirely different way. With this experience being both inexpensive and available all year round, riding via camel is an invaluable experience that must be experienced by all.

For anybody interested in traveling to this location, the map above shows the major road link between Alice Springs and Uluru through the Stuart and Lasseter Highways.

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