7 Other Things You Can Do With Your Library Card

Library cards aren’t just for borrowing books

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 You already know you can get access the Toronto Public Library’s extensive collection of reading material and other media with your library card, but borrowing books and movies isn’t the only thing you can do with that card. In fact, it’s a pretty handy thing to have for a few other reasons and gets you access to a lot more than bestsellers and reference material. Here are seven more things you can do with your library card in Toronto.

Download E-Books and Digital Materials

Physical copies of books and magazines work for some, but other people prefer digital versions of their reading material. Having a library card means you have access to the library's collection of e-magazines which gets you current issues of everything from Rolling Stone and The Economist to Canadian Living and Vanity Fair, not to mention an enormous collection of e-books, digital music, video and comics to stream; downloadable audiobooks you can listen to on a computer or mobile device and even e-books for kids.

Learn to Better Use Your E-Book

The library also offers courses and training sessions to help you learn more about e-books and how to make the most of the digital content on offer through the library. These sessions can help you get to know the library's e-book collections and how best to access it via your device. There are both group sessions and one-on-one drop-ins available

Reserve a Computer

Not everyone has a computer, even in this day and age. And sometimes computers break down when you need them. In a pinch, you can reserve a computer at any library branch in Toronto, whether you need to quickly finish an assignment, write up a resume or just do some research.

Book Time With a Librarian

Did you know you can book one-on-one time with a librarian at various branches of the Toronto Public Library? During these sessions, a librarian can help you with anything from creating an email account and finding job search information, to downloading e-books, locating research material or simply finding a good book or two to read.

Print a Book

Whether it’s your first novel, a series of poems, a cookbook or a gift, you can now get bookstore-quality books printed at the library via Asquith Press. Printing services are available at the Toronto Reference Library where you can also get free access everything you need to learn how to design a book. Head to an information session to see a demo of the printing process, or sign up for a class to go deeper into design and formatting.

Get Tech-Savvy

Also at the Toronto Reference Library, as well as Agincourt, Albion, Downsview, Fort York, North York Central Library, Richview, and Scarborough Civic Centre, you’ll find Digital Innovation Hubs. These digital learning workspaces provide free access to tech devices where you can utilize the digital design workstations for things like audio/video editing, 3D scanning, coding and programming and analog video conversion. Digital Innovation Hubs are also where you can participate in classes and workshops to learn things like 3D Design, Adobe CC, Web Design and more.

Just note classes fill up quickly so book ahead accordingly.

If you have any interest in 3D printing, you also try your hand at that at a Digital Innovation Hub. Get creative and learn to design and print a 3D object or print from an existing design.

Get a Museum and Arts Pass (MAP)

Books, magazines, classes and digital materials aren’t the only things you can access for free with your library card. A Museum and Arts Pass gets you free access to many Toronto attractions including Toronto Zoo, Gardiner Museum, Ontario Science Centre, Art Gallery of Ontario, Aga Khan Museum and many more. Passes are good for one venue at a time and most of the participating venues provide access for up to two adults and up to four children.

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