Osuna, Spain and Game of Thrones

View of Osuna
Osuna, filming location for Game of Thrones. Image: (c) Turismo Rural de Osuna

The Andalusian town of Osuna hit the headlines when it was announced that parts of season 5 of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones would be shot in the city. Osuna is a convenient day trip from Seville and has a host of sights that will fit right in on the mythical lands of Westeros and Essos.
Osuna is situated in the south of Spain, between Seville and Granada, not far from Antequera. It is also on the Seville to Malaga train line.

Go on a Guided Tour of Game of Thrones Film Locations in Seville and Osuna

There is now a tour you can take that shows you the most famous locations in Spain featured in Game of Thrones. See the Alcazar of Seville, featured heavily in Doran Martell's scenes in the hit HBO show and take an optional extension to the city of Osuna. 

Osuna should not be confused with Club Atletico Osasuna, which is a football team based in Pamplona, in the north of the country.

How to Fit Osuna into Your Andalusia Itinerary 

Osuna is a day trip from Seville, Granada and Malaga, perhaps even a half-day if you like to quickly check-in on the famous sights and say you've trodden where the great Houses of Westeros have walked.  

If you're traveling by car, it would be easy to pop in to Osuna on the way from Seville to Granada or Malaga. Even better, combine it with a trip to Antequera (either on route between cities or as a double day trip). Antequera's dolmens and Lovers' Rock are also best seen by car.  

If traveling by train, take note that you might not have anywhere to leave your luggage at Osuna station.

Osuna Locations in Game of Thrones

Osuna locaitions that have or may be used to represent Sunspear in Game of Thrones:

  • The University of Osuna A sixteen century building, the once-glorious university is once more in use. There was a time when the university was as prestigious as the university in Salamanca. 
  • La Colegiata de Osuna A sixteenth century church next to the university
  • Canteras de Osuna The ‘Quarries of Osuna’ where much of the sandstone that built the city was excavated.

In edition, at least one scene on Essos was filmed in Osuna: the magnificent bullring in Osuna was the Great Pit of Daznak.

More Sights in Osuna

Other sights in Osuna, unlikely to feature in Game of Thrones, include:

  • Calle San Pedro A beautiful street of white-washed houses and historic buildings. Much of this street is too modern to feature in Game of Thrones. 
  • Hotel Palacio Marques de la Gomera An 18th century hotel with a baroque facade. You can still stay at this hotel, and prices are not too bad (see below).
  • Monastery of la Encarnacion Still in use, (it can only be visited with a nun as a guide-escort) so perhaps not appropriate for filming scenes that will no doubt include gratuitous nudity.
  • Torre del Agua/Archeology Museum The people of Westeros have no need for museums and the building is perhaps too old to fit in with the stylings of Sunspear (though it could be used in another setting).  

How to Get to Osuna

Osuna is well connected by train and is convenient for day trips and for a quick stop en route elsewhere.

From Seville, Malaga and Granada By Train
Osuna is on two train lines: from Seville to Granada and from Seville to Malaga. There are trains every hour or two departing from Sevilla Santa Justa (and passing through Sevilla San Bernardo) and from Granada station. The journey takes just under an hour from Seville and an hour-and-a-half from Granada. Also on this train line are Antequera and Almeria. 

By Bus
Linesur, the bus company that used to run the Seville to Osuna route, appears to have gone out of business. Other websites that claim there is a bus between the two cities seem very out of date.
One bus company that does have a service is ALSA, but they do their best to hide that fact. The ALSA website doesn’t list the service, but a search for the Seville to Antequera service shows that some buses on this route stop in Antequera.

Accommodation in Osuna

There aren't a lot of accommodations in Osuna, but they can be pretty spectacular. The Hotel Palacio Marques de la Gomera is one of Osuna's oldest buildings. A stay here is very good value for money.

For a more tranquil experience, check out Turismo Rural de Osuna, who have country villas just outside the town.

Check out Ouarzazate, Morocco another filming location.

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