The Best From Our Tests: ORORO Heated Jacket Review

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Ororo Heated Jacket

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Launched in 2015, ORORO is a young brand focusing solely on heated outerwear. But don't let the brand's youth fool you. This Midwestern-based company has quickly become one of the most popular and successful direct-to-consumer heated outerwear companies. And its men's and women's heated jackets impressed our judges during recent testing of heated jackets.

We put 19 jackets to the test in our New York testing lab for a controlled look at how jackets performed in attributes like heating performance, ease of use, waterproofing, design, comfort, and value. One thing became clear from our testing: ORORO's Heated Jacket heated in less than a minute, beaded and repelled water, was easy to use, and comfortable.

Here's our detailed breakdown of this top-performing heated jacket.

ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

ORORO Mens Soft Shell Heated Jacket


ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack and Detachable Hood

ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack and Detachable Hood


One press of the button leads to instant heat

From the get-go, our testers found this jacket one of the easiest to use. "The instructions for this jacket were straightforward and included pictures," a tester reported. "There is only one button to press for on and off and to cycle through the heat settings. The battery back easily slips into its dedicated pocket on the inside of the jacket, which comes with a zipper."

Speaking of the battery, ORORO utilizes its Mini 5K battery, which the brand claims is 40 percent smaller than its standard battery. Indeed, it's a tiny battery, measuring about 3 x 2.5 x 1 inch. The lithium-ion battery can last up to 10 hours on the lowest setting, but most users will likely get in the 4 to 7-hour range, depending on how high or low they run the heat and external conditions.

Ororo Heated Jacket testing

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This jacket heated quickly and shedded water easily

The Mini 5K battery powers an excellent heating system, which our tester reported feeling in less than a minute after pressing the jacket's power button. "The ORORO heated up very quickly, and I liked that there was a perceptible difference in the three heat settings, and the highest setting was quite hot," one tester reported. "The heat was strongest on my back, but I could also feel it on my chest. Overall it was a very cozy experience."

Three carbon fiber heating areas warm the body at key core areas like the left and right chest and mid-back. The jacket features three heating levels—low, medium, and high. It took a little over 11 minutes for the jacket to heat up more than 40 degrees.

A 100 percent polyester fill and lining help hold heat next to the body. While the outer fabric is technically a polyester and spandex blend softshell, our testers found the jacket mostly water-resistant. "I could tell the water was being repelled after it was sprayed on the coat, and it rolled off the sleeve pretty well," a tester said. "I did not feel any moisture reach the inside of the jacket. However, the outer sleeve did still feel damp after a few minutes."

ORORO Heated Jacket testing

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A jacket we were tempted to take a nap in

Overall, our testers found this jacket very comfortable. "The hood especially was somewhat padded, and I was tempted to take a nap in it," one tester reported. "Both the outer and inner material are decently soft." The inner fleece was soft, but our testers did think it could be slightly softer. Besides that nitpick, the ORORO heated jacket tested at the top of our tested jackets for comfort.

While our testers did have a slight gripe about the exterior LED light signifying the battery was heating, they appreciated the outer button controlling the heat, which was very easy to access and change temperature settings. "There are two roomy side pockets and one on the chest," our tester said. "The hood is detachable and adjustable, and there is also a cord to tighten the bottom of the jacket. The jacket feels pretty lightweight, and it's nicely snatched at the waist to create a flattering silhouette."

ORORO Heated Jacket testing

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This jacket is easily worth its cost

Even if this jacket didn't have heating elements, we'd still say it's worth its cost, which is currently $150 for both the men's and women's versions. But add the heating elements, which were top-notch compared to its competitors in our testing, and you've got an excellent value in this jacket. It earned the highest rating of all 19 jackets we tested while also having a mid-range price. The upshot? Our tests found this one to be the best value if you're looking for a heated jacket.

Who should buy ORORO's Heated Jacket

ORORO's Heated Jacket is available in men's and women's styles. It's a solid all-around jacket for many people, and basically, anyone living in a cold environment who wants boosted heat. We could see it working for someone looking for a jacket to wear while walking the dog, running errands, or going to a sporting event, outdoor concert, or festival. We also see it working for those doing higher-output activities like winter hiking, Nordic skiing, or shoveling the driveway. While it's water-resistant, we recommend putting a hardshell or rain jacket over it if you're planning on wearing it in the rain, snow, sleet, or other precipitation.

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