Ormeño: Peru Bus Company Profile

Ormeño bus company
Ormeño S.A.

Ormeño was founded in September 1970, making it one of the oldest existing bus companies in Peru. The company began its first international route in 1975 with a scheduled service between Lima and Buenos Aires.

In 1995, Ormeño entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s longest scheduled bus route: Caracas, Venezuela to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a distance of 6,002 miles (9,660 km).

Ormeño Bus Company Details:

  • Full Name: Expreso Internacional Ormeño S.A
  • Coverage: Numerous destinations along the coast of Peru; limited inland destinations, including Cusco and Puno; various international destinations in South America.
  • Website: http://www.grupo-ormeno.com.pe/ (the website seems to suffer from frequent and often prolonged technical issues)

Ormeño Domestic Coverage:

Ormeño has excellent coverage along the coast of Peru, but inland destinations are limited to the southern cities of Arequipa, Puno, and Cusco.

Ormeño serves major destinations all along the coastal Pan-American Highway, from Lima along the north coast of Peru until the border with Ecuador, and as far south as Tacna and the Chilean border. Buses also stop in a number of smaller destinations overlooked by some of Peru's other major bus companies. These include coastal cities such as Talara and Chepén in the north and Cañete and Chincha just south of Lima.

Ormeño International Coverage:

Ormeño serves more international destinations than any other Peruvian bus company. Destinations include:

  • Ecuador: Quito and Guayaquil
  • Colombia: Cali, Bogotá, and Cúcuta
  • Venezuela: Caracas
  • Chile: Santiago
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Bolivia: La Paz
  • Brazil: Sao Paulo

Bus trips from Lima to the capitals of Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador are bearable, especially when you know how to make the most of long-distance bus journeys. But if you're thinking of traveling even further, don't underestimate the physical and mental stamina required for such long trips. Lima to Colombia or Buenos Aires, for example, will take days rather than hours -- a real test of your sanity. Unless you really need to go direct with a bus company like Ormeño, it's best to break the trip up into stages.

Comfort, Bus Classes, and Safety:

Ormeño offers three classes of bus: Royal Class, Business Class and Económico (economy class). The more luxurious Royal Class is comparable to top-end buses used by rival companies such as Cruz del Sur. The company’s economy class buses are comfortable but have more in common with midrange companies such as Movil Tours.

Onboard entertainment is similar to that of rival companies, with movies (often new releases but normally dubbed) showing throughout much of the journey (but not late at night). Food is served during longer journeys, either on board or at a predesignated stop (this could be at one of the Ormeño terminals). Don't expect anything memorable, but it should at least be edible.

Ormeño is a reasonably reliable company with a good safety record. The buses are modern and generally in good condition (especially the Royal and Business Class buses). Like other major domestic companies, Ormeño has certain safety features in place, including the monitoring of its buses and regular driver rotation.

Ormeño Bus Terminals

Ormeño has terminals -- some big, some small -- in all of its domestic destinations. Notable terminals include:

  • Av. Carlos Zavala 177, Central Lima
  • Terminal Javier Prado, Av. Javier Prado Este 1057, La Victoria, Lima
  • Terminal Terrestre de Cusco, Ambiente Stand 41, Santiago District, Cusco
  • Av. El Ejército 233, El Molino, Trujillo