Florida Staycation: Golf Home Rentals Gain Popularity in Orlando

Colliers Reserve Golf Club, Golf Life Navigators
Photo Courtesy of Colliers Reserve Golf Club, Golf Life Navigators

It’s a fact that more than 300,000 people move to Florida every year. The reasons are plentiful considering the Sunshine State’s booming economy, low taxes, relatively affordable real estate, mild beach climates and popular attractions. But there’s so much more, especially for us golfers. And it’s easy to see why Florida appeals to us because there are more than 1,300 amazing courses spread around the great state of Florida; more than in any other state in the Union.

I mentioned that more than 300,000 people move to Florida each year, but get this: most of them do so after visiting the state’s top destination, Orlando. Would you believe that Orlando alone attracted a staggering 60 million visitors last year?  

“Sometimes people relocate to Florida with a preconceived notion that living here will be like the experience they had at their favorite Orlando resort,” said Jason Becker, PGA, Co-Founder and CEO of Golf Life Navigators (GLN). “Living in Florida can be wonderful, but expecting life here to mirror your vacation isn’t realistic. Fortunately, we’ve found a way for future residents to experience what it’s like to live throughout Florida before they actually do, including Orlando.”​​​​

What Does GLN Do?

Based in Naples, GLN is dedicated to helping people find their ideal golf club, community, and home.  It partners with Rent Like A Champion (RLAC), offering people the chance to rent a home and experience what authentic Florida living offers.  If RLAC rings a bell, you may have seen the company on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” where it landed two high profile investors in Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca. Until now, RLAC mostly helped people find homes to rent in college towns during football games and commencement ceremonies.

“Our research at GLN shows there is a significant trend of people visiting a destination once, twice, sometimes several times before they decide to relocate,” said Becker. “There was an era when a slick brochure and a traveling salesperson worked well enough to convince people to move. But not anymore. With RLAC, we’ve created an opportunity for people to experience life within an Orlando community before settling in. It’s the best ‘try before you buy’ vacation experience in the country.”

Knowing what you’ll experience before you make a big decision speaks to the GLN mantra – to help people make better, informed decisions before they relocate, join a golf club or buy a property. Golf remains at the company’s core, but interest in joining a golf club is not a prerequisite to becoming a GLN client. Using proprietary research data combined with a total assessment of a client’s likes, wants, and desires, GLN fine-tune its recommendations to specific clubs, communities, and homes in a way no other company can.

What's Different About GLN?

GLN offers a service that is truly unique,” said Becker. “For instance, imagine a couple ready to retire and relocate to Florida. They may agree on big picture things such as what town or community they like, but in this couple’s case, their personal priorities don’t match up. What’s most important to the wife is finding a community with close proximity to the beach. As for the husband, he’s hoping to find a club that has a good weekly game and is accommodating to high-handicappers. GLN has the expertise and resources to combine these two distinctly different priorities and help that couple find the perfect solution.

And, we do it without the stress or hassle normally associated with relocating somewhere new.”

Rent Like A Champion currently operates in more than 20 college towns throughout the country, hosting more than 50,000 guests in a variety of homes, condos and apartments. The new partnership with GLN is starting in Orlando because it’s where the company already has ties with a variety of rental home choices that are either in golf real estate developments or are near a variety of public and private golf clubs. Future plans include expansion to other golf-rich Florida communities, as well as further expansion in the Orlando area.

“We’re excited to start in Orlando and spread our partnership with RLAC to additional communities throughout the state of Florida in coming months,” said Becker. “If you can try something before you buy it, you’re far more likely to be pleased with your decision. Living in Florida may not be exactly like it is while on vacation at a resort, but we think it comes pretty darn close.”

Darn close, indeed; it brings a whole new level of meaning to a purposeful Orlando vacation, doesn’t it? To learn more about Golf Life Navigators and rental home options available, you can get started on their website, or make contact by email, or visit their website, or call 888-248-9907. 

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