Theme Parks and Water Parks in Oregon

Where to Find Coasters, Water Slides, and Other Rides

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There aren't a lot of amusement parks or water parks in Oregon. And the ones that are open aren't particularly big, nor are they part of any major park chains. But like many other things in the state, they are homegrown and a bit quirky. If you are looking for a big, fancy theme park, you'll have to head down to California and visit places like Disneyland, California's Great America, or Six Flags Magic Mountain. But if you are looking for some laid-back fun, Oregon offers a few small gems.

Oregon Theme Parks

Enchanted Forest in Salem

Dating back to the early 1970s, the funky park is family-owned and -operated. Storybook Lane, Western Town, and Old Europe are among the themed areas. Enchanted Forest is geared to families with children 12 and under.

Rides include the unique Ice Mountain Bobsled roller coaster. The cars hug the ride's tunnels so closely that they include Plexiglas shields to prevent passengers from placing themselves in harm's way.

Other attractions include the Big Timber Log Ride and a walk-through Haunted House. The Challenge of Mondor is an interactive ride that outfits passengers with shooters and challenges them with targets. There are also rides for young children including the Kiddy Ferris Wheel and Tiny Tune Train. Among other things to do is a water and light show, panning for gold, and a musical stage show.

Enchanted Forest is open from mid-March to late September.

Oaks Park in Portland

The turn-of-the-century Oaks Park is one of the country's oldest trolley parks. It is also one of the few remaining free-admission amusement parks. Visitors can purchase a la carte tickets for rides or purchase a pay-one-price bracelet which offers unlimited rides. While Oaks offers a few mildly thrilling rides (including an especially potent roller coaster), its target audience is primarily families with children 12 and under.

New in 2018, the park introduced Adrenaline Peak, a steel coaster with a beyond-90-degrees first drop and three inversions. Other featured attractions include the Looping Thunder roller coaster which includes one small loop. The Scream'n Eagle is a pendulum ride that delivers a few hits of G-forces. Disk'o spins passengers on a large platform that races back and forth on a roller coaster-like track.

Oaks also offers a few flat rides, such as a Tilt-A-Whirl and a Scrambler. For younger visitors, there's a train, the small Zoom Coaster, and other rides. The park also features mini-golf, a historic dance pavilion, and (according to Oaks) the country's largest roller skating rink.​​

The amusement park is open from mid-March to early September. Roller skating at Oaks Park is open year-round.

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Oregon Water Parks

All of the state's water parks are indoors. There are no major outdoor parks.

Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark in McMinnville

One of the most unusual indoor water parks anywhere, Evergreen Wings and Waves is part of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Visitors can ride water slides and check out the museum exhibits. It's an odd, only-in-Oregon combination. Water park attractions include the Splashdown Harbor wave pool, a bowl ride, an enclosed speed slide, and a vortex pool that spins riders around.

Evergreen Wings and Waves is open year round.

Splash at Lively Park in Springfield

Attractions at the small, municipal, indoor water park include a wave pool and a water slide. There is also a lap pool, a kiddie pool, and a whirlpool spa. Splash at Lively Park is open all year long.

North Clackamas Aquatic Park in Milwaukie

This is another small, municipal, indoor water park. Attractions include a wave pool, rock climbing wall, hot tub, and water slides. The facility also offers a lap pool, swimming lessons, and aquatic fitness classes. North Clackamas Aquatic Park is open throughout the year.

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