Open and Closed on the Fête Nationale in Montreal: June 24, 2018

What's Open and Closed on the Fête Nationale in Montreal?

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What's Open and Closed on the Fête Nationale in Montreal?

The Fête Nationale, formerly known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day or simply La Saint-Jean, is one of Quebec's most important statutory holidays. Running June 24, 2018, naturally several businesses, commerces and offices close for the occasion given its holiday status. 

Fête Nationale in Montreal: What's Open and Closed in 2018

The summary below sums up what to expect but it isn't exhaustive enough to cover every mom & pop shop, restaurant, retail store and government branch in town. If in doubt, call the commerce, business or agency you wish to frequent directly for detailed scheduling information. And for those of you ready to celebrate, here's a list of Fête Nationale events and activities.

What Happens if Fête Nationale Falls on a Weekend?

If the Fête Nationale falls on a weekend day, then those same businesses, commerces and offices close on either the Friday prior or Monday after.

The following are closed during the Fête Nationale:

  • Banks
  • Most city of Montreal offices
  • Municipal court
  • Most provincial and federal offices
  • Many private sector offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Postal service delivery and Canada Post post offices, with the exception of offices operating in the private sector, the latter which can remain open at their discretion
  • Grocery stores/supermarkets larger than 375 square meters (4,037 feet) in size
  • Retail stores with the exception of bookstores, flower stores and antique shops, which can remain open if they wish
  • The Claude-Robillard sports centre (except the tennis courts, which remain open)
  • Ecocenters, citywide
  • All SAQ liquor stores

The following are open during the Fête Nationale:

  • 311, the city of Montreal's information hotline
  • Some dépanneurs (aka corner stores)
  • Stores and food outlets located in hospitals, train stations, airports, cultural centres, sports centres and tourism destinations
  • Some pharmacies, especially large chains, hours and staffing may be reduced
  • Cinemas
  • Montreal Casino (hint: it's always open)
  • Montreal Beaches
  • Parc Jean-Drapeau's Attractions
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Montreal Biodome
  • Montreal Planetarium
  • Montreal Botanical Gardens
  • Montreal Insectarium
  • Montreal Science Centre 
  • Montreal's Museum of History and Archaeology
  • Public markets/farmers markets
  • Grocery stores 375 square meters (4,037 feet) or less in size can remain open at their leisure, though hours may be reduced
  • Service-based businesses like hair salons, restaurants, gas stations and manufacturers are free to remain open at their discretion
  • Bookstores, flower stores and antique shops are free to remain open if they wish
  • Some arenas, swimming pools and sports centres remain open, others don't, depending on the neighborhood, call 311 for details
  • Public transit follows a slower weekend schedule
  • Parking meters are always in operation (no freebies)

Garbage pickups and recycling generally stay on schedule but it depends on the year, always call 311 in case of exceptions