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If you're looking to do some home improvements, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on new appliance purchases through the energy-efficient rebate program from Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG).

Homeowners who currently have an electric range can also take advantage by converting to natural gas and signing up with ONG.

Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG)

Oklahoma Natural Gas offers rebates to customers as a way to push them to replace their electric appliances with high-efficiency natural gas alternatives. You can also receive rebates for water and space heaters for both newly built houses and renovation projects. Other products eligible are clothes dryers and furnaces in new or existing homes.

Started in September 2011, the program provides millions of dollars each year to residential and eligible commercial Oklahoma Natural Gas customers for qualifying units installed or serviced after September 14, 2011. Installation and/or servicing must be done by an Oklahoma licensed contractor. Rebates are only available for a limited amount of time—as applications must be submitted within 90 days of the service or installation—so don't wait or you could miss out.

Rebate Items and Amounts

To learn if you may be eligible for money back, check these specific items and application instructions.

  • $150—Purchase and installation of 92 percent to 94.9 percent efficient natural gas furnace or boiler
  • $550—Purchase and installation of 95 percent efficient natural gas furnace or boiler
  • $1,950—Electric to natural gas furnace conversion
  • $50—Purchase and installation of a new natural gas water heater with an energy factor of .67 or higher
  • $250—Purchase and installation of new natural gas tankless or condensing water heater with an energy factor of .82 or higher
  • $850—Electric to natural gas water heater conversion
  • $400—Purchase and installation of a new natural gas clothes dryer
  • $750—Eligible new home construction that meets "ONE in Energy New Home Program" guidelines

Additional Rebate Items

The following items have been added to the ONG Energy-Efficient Rebate Program as of 2014. Qualifying purchases include those made after December 31, 2013.

  • $350—Purchase and installation of 82 percent efficient natural gas hydronic heating system
  • $100—Purchase of new natural gas range
  • $100—Installation of and/or additional natural gas piping for a new natural gas range

Rebate Application

To apply for an Oklahoma Natural Gas energy-efficiency rebate, simply download and fill out the application form. The application should be mailed, along with a dated copy of the purchase receipt and/or invoice of completed work, to the following address:
Oklahoma Natural Gas
Energy-Efficiency Program
P.O. Box 401
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0401

Rebates are only provided in the form of a check, and rebate checks are typically mailed six to eight weeks after an application is approved and processed. You will receive notification if your rebate application is denied. Remember that rebates are on first come, first serve, so you may not receive a rebate if the program funds have been exhausted. So, if you think you are eligible for a rebate, don't wait to send in your application.

For more information on program requirements, or to ask questions about a rebate, visit the Oklahoma Natural Gas website or call (800) 208-7267.

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