Oneworld Contacts, Services, and Information

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Oneworld Contacts, Services, and Information

Looking for oneworld contacts? Need to find the phone numbers or websites of oneworld airline members? Want to know the baggage policies of each airline? Consult oneworld's contact and services page for a range of links to all existing oneworld members, from fares and reservations to baggage policies to lounge information and more.

Terminal Maps

When I'm traveling, I like to take a few minutes to learn about the airports I'm flying out of, through, or into. That way, I can learn where my gates are, what's nearby, and where to eat if I have a few extra minutes. Oneworld members can reference this webpage for maps of oneworld airports and terminals, as well as information on oneworld-related lounges.

In larger airports, oneworld transfer desks and customer service desks will be marked with the oneworld logo. At the desks, staff can assist oneworld members with connections or transfers.

Keep in mind, as one of the benefits of the oneworld program, baggage will (generally) be transferred between member airlines, through to your destination.

Baggage Information

No matter where I'm traveling or which airline I'm traveling on, I always have to double check baggage requirements. They've been changing so often, and so fast, that I don't want to take the chance of taking too many bags, or packing too much into my bags, so that I get charged for excess baggage.

Oneworld travelers can consult oneworld's baggage information webpage for the latest information on baggage policies, as well as information and links on what to do if (or, perhaps, when) your luggage gets lost.

Oneworld Customized Guide

If you’re using oneworld airlines to travel to a number of destinations, it might be worth using oneworld’s customized round-the-world fares, which allows travelers to fly on different oneworld airlines and selected partners on multiple legs via a single fare.

Flight Information

Flying on a oneworld airline? Consult oneworld's "Where we fly" page to obtain information on destinations and schedules. oneworld also has an interactive oneworld network map, as well as downloadable timetables and flight search applications for iPhones and mobile devices.

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