How Would You Spend One Day in Las Vegas

What Do You Do If You Only Have One Day In Las Vegas?

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If I had one day to do it all in Las Vegas this is how I would do it. Luckily for me I don't have to, but if I did, this is how it would happen. Understand, I could easily select plenty of replacements, but for today this is exactly how my 24 hours would be spent.  It should be understood that any plan can change if I decide on a second drink and the atmosphere of any given place is just too much to part with. However, with so much to do in Las Vegas if you decide on one day, this schedule would work.

Just how many things could you cram into a 24 hour period in Las Vegas? I have over 100 things to do and there are also quite a few things to do at individual hotels. The truth is you could spend an entire day in Las Vegas just doing free stuff if you really wanted to. Design your own single day in Las Vegas and then tell us all about it.

What if you had a Weekend at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas?

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Wake Up At The Encore Las Vegas

The beds are so comfortable, the rooms are spacious and everyone just seems happy to be there. You can walk downstairs and grab a croissant and some coffee or head over to Jardin to have a meal. Stroll out to the pool deck and take in some sunshine or walk across to Wynn and do some window shopping.

Other Hotels You Could Wake Up At:

  • The Venetian has spacious rooms and endless food and drink options.
  • Cosmopolitan Resort allows you to wake up with sunshine on your terrace.
  • Wake up in the Nobu Suite at Caesars Palace and someone could bring you breakfast in bed. 
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Breakfast at Buchon at the Venetian

It's simple, at Buchon they just do breakfast right. It really does not matter what you order, it will be precisely what you would expect from arguably the best place for breakfast in Las Vegas

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Get a Massage at The Canyon Ranch Spa

A full body massage after some time in the sauna, maybe a steam. If you are with a partner, try the Rasul ceremony and you'll change your opinion on getting mud rubbed on your body.

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A Walk Through The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

You need to work up an appetite for your incredible breakfast and before your indulgent lunch. You should be relaxed from the massage so head over to the Bellagio and take a look at the creative talents of those people who can tell a great story about plants and flowers.

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Hussong's Cantina at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Make sure to start and end with a Margarita, it's Las Vegas and you have one day to have an incredible time. The tequila will relax you and get you ready for the chips and salsa. The guacamole will introduce you the fabulous flavors, the elote will change your mind about mayonnaise and the shrimp tacos will make you overeat.

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Spend An Afternoon At An Adult Pool

Take the early route toward a long night with an afternoon experiencing some Las Vegas "daylife" at an adult pool in Las Vegas. Grab a daybed, a drink, and your conversation skills as you work on your tan and indulge in your one day adventure in Las Vegas.

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Pre Show Dinner at L' Atelier at the MGM Grand

L'Atelier is incredible because the food is off the charts but my reason for truly enjoying it is the atmosphere. Have a conversation with your date as you watch the extremely talented chefs work their magic as they create an unforgettable meal.

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See a Cirque Du Soleil Show.

You cannot lose with a Cirque show, well, if you decide to see Criss Angel you might, but if you avoid the attempt at illusions and shoot for the magic that is created by the Cirque du Soleil acrobats and performers up and up down the strip you'll be beyond happy.

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Pre-club Drink and Appetizer at Wazuzu at Encore

Before you head to the club do it right by stopping into Wazuzu, have some sake and a quick snack. You might be hungry after dinner and a show but take it all in. Do Las Vegas right by enjoying a drink and something to eat before your night at the club.

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Spend a Long Night at XS Las Vegas

Las Vegas nightlife to the XS. You will truly experience Las Vegas with an evening at XS, some dancing, some drinking and plenty of mingling. When you finally get back to your room you'll be proud of your one day adventure in Las Vegas.

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