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Traffic Accident

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So you're armed with the knowledge of area road construction projects and are sure that you will make good time on your commute. Then you run into a site of a traffic accident, and everything is delayed. Well, did you know that you can track traffic accidents in Oklahoma City online? Whether your drive is to work or for pleasure, short or significant across multiple metro roads and highways, plan in advance by checking for vehicle accidents on your path. Here are some helpful online services to help you do just that. 

Traffic Cameras

The first thing you can do is check the multiple traffic cameras placed near highways and major thoroughfares all around the metro. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has them online at, and there are cameras as far north as the Kilpatrick Turnpike and SH 74, as far west as I-40 near Meridian, as far south as I-35 in Moore and east well beyond Midwest City on I-40 and I-240.

All you have do is click the camera icon for the road you will be traveling. Time-stamped footage plays and updates on the right side of the screen, allowing you to easily see if there are any accidents, weather issues, or other congestion on your route. In addition, the service, which updates itself regularly, allows you to see traffic speeds and read highway message signs.

Tracking Map

Another handy tool is the online accident tracking map through the city of Oklahoma City. It indicates the locations of both injury and non-injury accidents, as well as fires, based on police and fire department calls. They even have a mobile version. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind about the accident tracking map.

  • It's only for the Oklahoma City limits. Emergency calls reported to neighboring communities won't be represented, so if you live in Edmond, for example, don't just assume all is clear since nothing shows north of Memorial Road.
  • One more limitation is that calls to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are not shown.
  • The time of the call is listed below the map, and the notification will remain on the map until the situation has been cleared by police or fire responders.
  • If you leave the map open, note that it does not refresh automatically. So you'll want to periodically hit your browser's refresh button for the most up to date accident and fire information.


The non-fans of social media like to bash it, but Twitter can be very helpful in providing up to date, breaking information on events such as significant car accidents or other traffic delays. In addition to your friends notifying you of something they see on the Oklahoma City roads, here are some Twitter feeds to follow for the purpose:

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