Oklahoma City FM Radio Stations

FM Radio Stations
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For many, it is all digital these days. Perhaps the MP3 player or cell phone is hooked in each time you get in the car, or maybe satellite radio services are the way to go for you. If you're old school, though, and enjoy the FM stations and personalities you know and love, don't waste time flipping through the stations. Instead, load your presets with the kind of stuff you want to listen to. From rock, country and popular tunes to news, commentary and devotional, there's a little bit of everything in the OKC market.

Here is a directory of the Oklahoma City metro-area FM radio stations, complete with formats and website links for more information.

  • KMSI - 88.1
    Operated by the Oasis Radio Network, KMSI is a religious station that broadcasts spiritual music, Bible programs and interviews.
  • KYLV - 88.9
    Known as "K Love," 88.9 focuses on contemporary Christian music. You can also find it at 103.7 in Edmond.
  • KXTH - 89.1
    "The House" plays contemporary Christian as well as encouragement programs.
  • KUCO - 90.1
    Broadcast from the University of Central Oklahoma campus in Edmond, KUCO plays classical favorites.
  • KOKF - 90.9
    "Air 1" plays "Positive Hits," primarily consisting of contemporary Christian music.
  • KOSU - 91.7 / 107.5
    A public radio station, KOSU has been around since 1955.
  • KOMA - 92.5
    A Tyler Media property, KOMA plays 60's and 70's hits.
  • KBRU - 94.7
    Known as "The Brew," 94.7's focus is on alternative and rock favorites.
  • KXXY - 96.1
    96.1 is one of the better stations to go to for country music in the metro.
  • KKNG - 97.3
    Formerly a country station at 93.3, KKNG now broadcasts Catholic radio.
  • WWLS - 98.1
    A Cumulus station, "The Sports Animal" is one of OKC's top spots for sports talk.  It also broadcasts Oklahoma City Thunder games.
  • KYIS - 98.9
    A longtime OKC favorite, "Kiss FM" plays adult contemporary, top-40 music.
  • KATT - 100.5
    They call themselves "Oklahoma's Pure Rock Station."  The KATT plays both new and classic rock.
  • KTST - 101.9
    "The Twister" focuses on new country hits.
  • KJYO - 102.7
    Known as "KJ 103," the station plays Top 40 hits and is one of the top in the metro in terms of ratings.
  • KVSP - 103.5
    "Power" 103.5's format is urban contemporary, both local and national hip-hop and R&B favorites.
  • KMGL - 104.1
    Consistently one of the higher rated radio stations in and around Oklahoma City, "Magic 104" plays adult contemporary tunes from the 70's to today.  It is also known for playing Christmas music around the clock beginning around Thanksgiving.
  • KKWD - 104.9
    Branded "Wild 104.9," KKWD plays contemporary hits with a focus on pop and dance music.
  • KINB - 105.3
    Formerly a station that played Mexican regional tunes, KINB is now a CBS Sports Radio station.
  • KWCO - 105.5
    "Kool 105.5's" specialty is classic hits of the  60's, 70's and 80's.
  • KGOU - 105.7 / 106.3
    A National Public Radio source, KGOU is licensed to the University of Oklahoma in Norman.
  • KIRC - 105.9
    KIRC broadcasts country favorites.
  • KTUZ - 106.7
    A Tyler Media station, 106.7 plays Mexican tunes.