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The Oklahoma City city limits cover 621.2 square miles and four counties, spanning north beyond Danforth Avenue, west to Gregory Road outside of Mustang, south to Indian Hills Road and east beyond Harrah Road. Governing this large area are a mayor and a city council comprised of eight members, each representing a geographical ward.

The city has a Council-Manager form of government. As noted by Guide to Government Careers Michael Roberts, this means that while the mayor presides over meetings, his/her legislative authority is equal to that of each city council member. Terms for mayor and city council positions are four years, and wards are adjusted based on population with each new census.

Here are the current Oklahoma City wards. See a Google map of the wards, and get information for current council members by ward on

Ward 1

Ward One covers a large portion of the western and northwestern area of Oklahoma City. Areas along Northwest Expressway from the far western-most point of the city limits all the way to Portland are in Ward One, as are the lands south and west of Lake Hefner, north to Hefner Road. Ward One also includes everything around Lake Overholser and portions along Reno Avenue from Czech Hall Road to Rockwell. 

Ward 2

Ward Two is a central ward and one of the smallest in terms of land area. It includes heavily populated areas southeast of Lake Hefner; neighborhoods along Northwest Expressway from Portland to Classen; and the stretch above NW 23rd from Meridian to I-235. A small section of Ward Two is also located near the Village, from May to Western between Hefner and NW 122nd.

Ward 3

The southwestern portion of Oklahoma City, regions surrounding the town of Mustang, comprise Ward Three. The western border is South Gregory Road while the eastern edge is South May Avenue. The ward includes Will Rogers World Airport, and it forms somewhat of a "U" shape around Ward One, stretching north all the way up to NW 35th in a small eastern segment and to NW 36th in a small segment west of Yukon.

Ward 4

If you live in southeast Oklahoma City, east of Moore and south of Midwest City, you're in Ward Four. It encompasses a small section west if I-35, as far west as Western and from the river down to SW 97th or so, but the bulk of the ward is along I-240 and I-40, as far north as SE 29th and south to Indian Hills Road. Included in Ward Four are areas around ​Lake Stanley Draper and those to the west, east and south of Tinker Air Force Base.

Ward 5

Ward Five is central and southern, covering the area west of Moore from SW 179th up to SW 59th. For the majority of the ward, I-44 is the western border, and included within are Earlywine Park and Lightning Creek Park.

Ward 6

Downtown and its many districts (Deep Deuce, Bricktown, Automobile Alley, etc.) are key in Ward Six, Oklahoma City's central ward, as is Midtown. The ward stretches from NE 23rd between Portland and I-235 down to SW 59th between May and Western. 

Ward 7

Ward Seven encompasses northeast Oklahoma City. It is a large, oddly-shaped ward with a small hole in the middle of Forest Park. Most areas in the north from Western east to the town of Luther are covered in Ward Seven. This includes the Adventure District and areas around I-35 down to I-40. But the ward also includes some southeast OKC neighborhoods between Shields and Bryant to SE 44th.

Ward 8

Finally, there's the northwestern-most ward in Oklahoma City proper, Ward Eight. It essentially takes over northward where Ward's one and two end. The western border is Sara Road near Piedmont; the east touches Western Avenue down to NW 122nd. Lake Hefner's East Wharf is included, as is the lake itself, the lake's north side and the many commercial and residential areas in the Memorial Corridor

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