Oklahoma City Black Friday: Sale Times, Locations, and Specials

Black Friday
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On the day after Thanksgiving each year, millions of Americans flock to local and chain stores across the country for special deals as part of the Black Friday tradition. However, in recent years, some of these Black Friday sales have started on Thanksgiving Day instead of waiting for the day after to begin discounted big-ticket holiday wish list items.

Unfortunately, not all stores follow the same Black Friday schedule, so if you're visiting Oklahoma City for the holidays and want to get a big discount, you'll need to know when each of your favorite stores in the city starts its Black Friday sale.

As an interesting side note, 2013 was the first year that Black Friday sales were legal in Oklahoma because a 1941 law required retailers in the state sale products at six percent or more above cost. However, a new law allowed a special exception so that stores in the state could participate in this annual shopping tradition, too.

Black Friday Store Locations, Specials, and Sale Start Times

From Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Best Buy to Toys 'R' Us and Wal-Mart, Black Friday sales across the Oklahoma City provide a great opportunity to save a lot of money on your Christmas shopping, especially if you know where to go and when to get there when it starts. The following table shows the start time and date of the sales, all participating store locations for each company, and the links to the store's advertised Black Friday deals.


Sale Start Time

Store Locations


Bed, Bath, & Beyond Black Friday: 6 a.m

2848 Northwest 63rd Street (Oklahoma City)
2150 South Service Road (Moore)
412 South Bryant (Edmond)
530 Ed Noble Parkway (Norman)

store specials
Best Buy Thanksgiving Day: 5 p.m. 5801 North May Avenue
1409 West Interstate 240 Service Road
6431 Southwest Third Street
7231 Southeast 29th Street (Midwest City)
2700 South Service Road (Moore)
400 26th Avenue Northwest (Norman)
2135 West Memorial (near Quail Springs Mall)
store specials
J.C. Penney Thanksgiving Day: 2 p.m. Quail Springs Mall
Penn Square Mall
Town Center Plaza (Midwest City)
2400 South Service Road (Moore)
Sooner Fashion Mall (Norman)
store specials
Khol's Thanksgiving Day: 6 p.m. 9001 North Passage Road
1715 Garth Brooks Boulevard (Yukon)
2201 Danforth Street (Edmond)
7401 Southeast 29th Street (Midwest City)
2600 South Telephone Street (Moore)
2110 Northwest 24th Street (Norman)
OKC Outlets Thanksgiving Day: 8 p.m. Northeast corner of Interstate 40 and Council Road  
Sears Thanksgiving Day: 6 p.m. 4400 South Western Avenue
3201 West Main Street (Norman)
store specials
Staples Black Friday: 8 a.m. 2844 Northwest 63rd Street, Suite A
127 West Interstate 240 Service Road
1632 South Broadway (Edmond)
1701 Garth Brooks Boulevard (Yukon)
store specials
Target Thanksgiving Day: 6 p.m. Over 10 locations in OKC, see online store locator store specials
Macy's Thanksgiving Day: 5 p.m. Penn Square Mall store specials
Wal-Mart Thanksgiving Day: 6 p.m. Over 20 locations in OKC, see online store locator store specials

Tips for Black Friday Shopping in OKC

Since the 2013 bill passed allowing Black Friday sales in Oklahoma, over 100 stores have since begun participating in the annual tradition. Other popular companies not listed above include Gamestop, Walgreens, Bass Pro Shops, Converse, LEGO, and Payless Shoes. For a full list of participating stores nationwide, visit the official Black Friday store locator

Fighting through the crowds and waiting in traffic between stores can put a damper on an otherwise pleasant holiday vacation, but the deals at some of these locations could be worth the frustrations, and there are many ways to help you make the most out of your Black Friday shopping day.

One of the best ways to avoid the crowds, of course, is to stay at home and shop online as many of the stores also have special deals on their websites for Black Friday. Alternatively, you could wait until Cyber Monday, internet shopping's answer to Black Friday discounts, for even bigger savings at virtual retailers. However, you may miss out on some in-store exclusives if you choose to do your Black Friday shopping online.

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