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If you're considering a movie rental, you check Rotten Tomatoes. For restaurants, it is perhaps Yelp, and those looking for a contractor might read reviews on Angie's List. But long before any of those web-based services existed, the Better Business Bureau was the place to go. Founded in 1912, the non-profit organization collects reviews and issues grades on millions of businesses throughout the United States.

The Oklahoma City Better Business Bureau, founded in 1930 and physically located downtown at 17 South Dewey Avenue, is a fantastic resource for checking the legitimacy and reputation of metro area businesses. Here's a guide to the BBB in OKC, including information on how to file a complaint or leave a business review.  

Research a Business

One of the great things about the Better Business Bureau is that it covers all types of businesses. With over 10,000 entities in the database, you can use their search function to find the one you're interested in. A listing for a particular business tells you:

  • Physical information such as address, phone, business start date and the person in charge
  • Whether they're a member of the BBB
  • Nature of the business
  • Whether they have a satisfactory record with the BBB
  • Total number of recently processed complaints

You can also search only for BBB accredited businesses. These businesses are consistently monitored by the organization and must adhere to a set of standards on honesty and trust in advertising, products, privacy and customer service.

File a Complaint

Not happy with a company or think you've been cheated?  You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Though the BBB does not take sides, they will help in an effort to resolve the situation.

To begin, just use the online complaint form. You shouldn't report legal issues or discrimination claims; those should be handled through the courts. But common concerns include advertising issues, business practices and products.

The Better Business Bureau forwards the complaint to the particular business, which is expected to respond within 14 days.

If you think a business isn't legitimate at all, report it through the scam tracker.

File a Good Review

Hey, it's not just about the bad stuff.  Let others know about your good experience with local businesses as well.  Reviews can be easily submitted through the BBB locator.  You'll need to confirm your email, and the business is given the opportunity to respond before the review is posted.

Request a Quote

In addition to complaint mediation and business reviews, the Better Business Bureau offers the opportunity to get pricing estimates directly from accredited members.  

More Information

For more information, contact the Oklahoma City Better Business Bureau by phone at (405) 239-6081.  If you have an iPhone, download the BBB app to quickly and easily check local business reviews.

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