Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool in the Oklahoma City Summer

The Oklahoma City heat can reach often unbearable temperatures in the summer, particularly from mid-July to August. You could stay inside your nice, cold house or you could find some interesting things to do in some cool places. Here are some great ways to stay cool around the city.

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Have a White Water Day

White Water Bay Oklahoma City

Adam Knapp

At first glance, the admission prices might seem steep. But a season pass that includes admission to Frontier City pays for itself in less than 3 visits. With thrills of the water slides and the relaxation of the pools, there's not a better way to cool off and have fun at the same time than OKC's White Water Bay.

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Go to a Metro Area Lake

Lake Arcadia Swimming Beach

Adam Knapp

The bad news is that there are no swimming beaches on the major OKC lakes: Hefner, Draper, Thunderbird and Overholser. But the temperature is usually several degrees cooler down by the water, and each holds appeal for certain lake activities. Lake Hefner is great for sailing and recreation, Overholser is ideal for jetskiing and boating, and Draper is perfect for skiing in the open water. You can also drive a bit north to Arcadia Lake if you want a swimming beach.

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Catch a Movie

Warren Movie Theatre Moore

Warren Theatres

The drive-in movie theater seems to be dying in this country, and that's too bad. But it probably won't bother you when the Oklahoma summer hits the century mark. Head over to one of the metro's top movie theaters and catch a summer flick. Most of these have the big, lounging theater seats, providing a great escape from the sun.

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Head to an OKC Shopping Mall

Penn Square Mall Oklahoma City

Adam Knapp

Wide open spaces, nice cold air conditioning... Even if you don't spend a lot of money, going to one of the major shopping malls in OKC is a popular way to pass the heat of the summer afternoons. With food courts and plenty to tempt your pocketbook, the mall is a great option to beat the heat.

  • Penn Square Mall
  • Quail Springs Mall
  • Plaza Mayor
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Take a Dip in an OKC Swimming Pool

There may not be the same thrills as White Water, but Oklahoma City has a few public swimming pools around the metro. And they're a lot cheaper than White Water. So grab a towel and some sunscreen and beat the Oklahoma heat by lounging in the water all day.

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Take the Family to Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma

Adam Knapp

There are plenty of museum-type places around OKC, but there aren't any as intriguing for the entire family as the fun at Science Museum Oklahoma. You can easily spend the good portion of a hot day checking out all the interactive exhibits and shows. By the time you walk out, the sun will be setting.

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Spend a Day at the OK History Center

Oklahoma History Center

Adam Knapp

If you haven't yet been, you're missing out. The Oklahoma History Center is quite astounding. There are exhibits and galleries that will grab your attention for hours. Admission is cheap, the air conditioner is cold, and you can grab snacks at the cafe. Great way to spend a hot day.

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See a Show

Civic Center Music Hall

Adam Knapp

Movies are great, but if you haven't noticed, the summer ones tend to be a little less than intellectually stimulating. So why not check out a theatrical performance at the Civic Center Music Hall. There are typically shows throughout July for the entire family that have some afternoon performances as well.

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Get Out of Town

The OKC businesses won't like to hear me say it, but why not get out of town on a mini-vacation for a couple of days. Stay in a hotel with a cold AC, and enjoy some sights with which you're not too familiar.

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Just Stay Inside

Yes, this is easily the most boring one. That's why it's #10. But hey, when it's 105 in Oklahoma July, the heat indexes are often significantly higher. That's not just uncomfortable; that's dangerous. It might be a good idea to keep your home cool and plan your summer in such a way that you spend the hottest weeks getting caught up on stuff around the house.