Oklahoma City Snow and Ice Routes

Snow Plow
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When ice and snow hit the Oklahoma City metro area, city officials first plow, salt and clear the primary Oklahoma City snow and ice routes. Here is information on those routes, the safest roads to travel during winter weather conditions.

See a detailed map of OKC snow routes from the city of Oklahoma City.


In Northwest OKC, drivers can generally travel the length of Eastern/Boulevard. Western Avenue from Edmond Road down to NW 50th is included as is May Avenue from Edmond Road south. MacArthur Avenue will be cleared as will the majority of Council and Meridian from NW 63rd south.

East/west streets designated snow and ice routes in northwest OKC include Waterloo, Covell and NW 178th from Portland out to Piedmont Road. Stretches of NW 164th are cleared as is Memorial from Council east. Several roads east of Council are includes, such as NW 63rd, NW 23rd and Reno.


As noted above, in Northeast OKC drivers can generally travel the length of Eastern/Boulevard as well as Hiwassee. Sooner Road is cleared south of I-44, and from NE 63rd south, Bryant is designated snow routes. From NE 10th south, the majority of north/south streets are cleared.

Traveling east/west, it's best to look for cleared stretches of Covell, Danforth and NE 164th east to Air Depot. Memorial is cleared all the way as is Britton and most of NE 63rd and Reno.


In the southwest part of the metro, Western Avenue is cleared all the way down to SW 239th (Robinson). May is a designated snow route south to SW 134th, and stretches of Meridian, MacArthur and Council will all be cleared north of SW 59th.

Traveling east/west, Reno, SW 44th and SW 119th have the largest portions cleared, generally from Portland eastward. SW 29th is also cleared east of May.


In southeast OKC, Sooner Road, Douglas Boulevard and Anderson are all cleared south of Reno. Also, Air Depot is a snow route down to SE 29th.

Traveling east/west, Reno, SE 29th, SE 104th and SE 149th (Stella) are all cleared in large portions. Franklin Road is also a designated snow route east from I-35 in Norman.


In the downtown are of OKC, Martin Luther King Avenue and Western are the primary north/south snow routes. Also cleared are Lotte from 23rd to 4th, Walnut from 21st to 8th and several streets south of 10th, including Dewey, Walker, Robinson and Broadway.

Traveling east/west, Reno and Sheridan are both cleared from Western to near Lincoln. 4th is designated a snow route from Western to Martin Luther King, and 10th stretches east beyond Kelley. The entirety of 8th from I-235 to Martin Luther King is cleared as well.

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