Oklahoma City Dress Code and Uniform Requirements

School Uniforms
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While critics say school uniforms diminish a student's ability to assert his or her individuality, many educational professionals believe the practice is best for equality and safety. Approved by a board of education vote prior to the 2013-2014 school year, the Oklahoma City Public Schools District moved to a uniform dress code in order to "to promote and to maintain an orderly and safe learning environment."

Here is information on dress codes and uniform requirements in the Oklahoma City district. Also, visit the Guide to Back to School in Oklahoma City for information on start dates, school supply lists, the best places to buy supplies, back to school shopping, immunizations, school lunches and more. Be prepared with all your child needs for the first day of school. For more information on OKCPS, see this district profile.

Uniform Requirements

Here are the specific details on clothing requirements in Oklahoma City district schools:

  • Each school may designate its own specific rules regarding the uniform, but all must allow khaki pants and white shirts.
  • School administrators are also permitted exceptions for sports, activities and spirit days.
  • No student can be penalized or denied school attendance for failing to abide by the uniform requirements if that is due to financial hardship.
  • Schools will develop procedures to assist students for whom the uniform policy presents a financial hardship.
  • New enrollees have up to 20 days to comply with the uniform policy.

Dress Code Details

Each individual school establishes its colors and cannot change them for a minimum of three years. Although the color allowances vary by school and you should contact the specific OKCPS School for exact dress code, here are the general components of a school uniform:

  • Tucked Polo-style shirts with no logos - they can be collared or non-collared
  • Dark or khaki-colored pants or slacks that do not sag
  • Laced shoes - no flip flops
  • Belts must be a solid color and worn inside belt loops - no decorative or specialized belt buckles
  • Sweatshirts or coats with no logos - no hoodies


  • Same as boys except that some schools also allow dark or khaki-colored skirts or skirt-shorts
  • Hemlines must reach at least to the student’s fingertip with arm fully extended at her side.
  • Leggings are allowed underneath skirts and dresses as long as they are white, black or navy in color.

Hats and Jewelry

In addition to clothing, the OKCPS school board has designated rules regarding hats and jewelry:

  • Hats, caps and head coverings are not allowed, though there is an exception for religious beliefs. Also, the school administration can approve an exception for a special event of activity. 
  • There are no restrictions on jewelry, but there is a general rule preventing anything that poses a safety risk. 
  • Laced shoes - no flip flops
  • Sweatshirts or coats with no logos - no hoodies
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