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For Oklahoma City residents, the term "MAPS" is well-known. The original Metropolitan Area Projects began in the early 1990's and were largely responsible for beginning the city's renaissance. The sales tax initiated way back then has continued throughout, a dedication by the citizens to continue Oklahoma City's progress, and MAPS 3 furthers that tradition with a seven-year, nine month one-cent sales tax initiative to fund eight projects at an estimated cost of $777 million, with $17 million on a contingency fund.<br/>
Here is a complete MAPS 3 timeline approved by the city council in early July 2011, the schedule by which construction on each MAPS 3 project will begin and end. Also, get a full history of MAPS as well as the MAPS 3 process and voting.

MAPS 3 Timeline

Oklahoma River
  • Begins: 2012
  • Ends: 2021
  • Breakdown: The first of the MAPS 3 projects to begin is Phase 1 of the Oklahoma River improvements, a total of $60 million for a public whitewater kayaking facility and upgrades intended to achieve the finest rowing racecourse in the world. Phases 2 and 3 get started in 2013, and the final Phase of Oklahoma River work begins in 2020.
  • Begins: 2012
  • Ends: 2014
  • Breakdown: $10 million of the MAPS 3 budget is dedicated to adding sidewalks along major streets and near facilities used by the public throughout Oklahoma City. This project will be completed in 2 Phases over the course of approximately 2 years.
State Fair Improvements
  • Begins: 2013
  • Ends: 2015
  • Breakdown: State Fair Park will get a makeover in 2 Phases. Budgeted at $60 million, the work includes improvements to the public buildings, meeting halls and exhibit spaces.
Central Park
  • Begins: 2013
  • Ends: 2021
  • Breakdown: One of the centerpieces of the MAPS 3 plan is a 70-acre downtown urban park. At a cost of $130 million, the park will stretch from the boulevard that replaces the current I-40 to the Oklahoma River. Early discussions have the park including a restaurant, lake, amphitheater, dog park, skating rink and other amenities.
Senior Health and Wellness
  • Begins: 2013
  • Ends: 2021
  • Breakdown: State-of-the-art health and wellness aquatic centers designed specifically for senior citizens will be added throughout the city. The first should begin in 2013, the second in 2015, the third in 2018 and the fourth in 2020, all for a grand total of $50 million.
Bicycling and Walking Trails
  • Begins: 2013
  • Ends: 2017
  • Breakdown: A 3 Phase project with an estimated cost of $40 million, this portion of MAPS 3 covers 57 miles of new bicycling and walking trails, primarily around lakes and other popular recreational areas of the city. Phase 2 is scheduled 2015 and the final Phase for 2017.
Transit & Modern Streetcar
  • Begins: 2014
  • Ends: 2021
  • Breakdown: One of the highly-debated issues of MAPS 3 is how early to complete the $130 million transit improvements. In the current schedule, it's a bit later than some would like. But the plan calls for a new rail-based streetcar system of 5 to 6 miles downtown, a downtown transit hub to link streetcar, commuter rail and bus systems, and possibly increased funding for the building of commuter rail lines.
Convention Center
  • Begins: 2016
  • Ends: 2018
  • Breakdown: Last but certainly not least to get started will be a new $280 million convention center downtown. The former Ford dealership next to the Chesapeake Energy Arena has been chosen as the site, and construction should only last a couple of years, according to the city's schedule.
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