Oklahoma City Homeless Shelters

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The Oklahoma City metro area has several shelters with the aim of helping the homeless. Some deal with addiction issues, while others help single men or people with mental illness. Here's their contact information, location, and primary area of focus.

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    City Rescue Mission

    Assisting Oklahoma City men, women, and families since 1960, the City Rescue Mission is the largest shelter in the metro. Emergency services are available, but the mission also prides itself on their ​long-term recovery programs for the homeless. They deal with challenges such as addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling, domestic violence, lack of education and job skills, mental illness and "spiritual bankruptcy."

    800 W. California
    Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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    Grace Rescue Mission

    Grace Rescue Mission has a shelter capacity of 140 and primarily offers homeless assistance services to single men and a small number of families with children.

    2205 Exchange Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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    Jesus House

    An inner-city, non-denominational Christian shelter, Jesus House was founded in 1971 and has been providing assistance, with a primary focus on homeless individuals with mental illnesses, for over 30 years. Services are also available for those with drug & alcohol addictions, the disabled, elderly, disaster victims, homeless, working poor, and others.

    1335 W. Sheridan
    Oklahoma City, OK 73146

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    Red Rock Behavioral Health Services

    With 7 housing facilities, Red Rock BHS actually has psychiatrists and licensed counselors and social workers on staff to help with crisis intervention and family and group counseling/therapy. Community housing is available to assist "persons with mental and/or other challenges" in becoming "stable in the community."

    4400 N. Lincoln
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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    Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army offers shelter assistance for men, women, and children. In addition, they have special programs available for anyone who needs help, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, feeding programs, senior citizen assistance, clothing, disaster relief, and more.

    330 SW 5th
    Oklahoma City, OK 73101

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