Oklahoma City Haunted Places and Ghost Stories

Search the internet, and you'll find thousands of "real" ghost stories, haunted places all around the United States. And the Oklahoma City metro area is no different. OKC has a few supposedly haunted places with unique stories and legends. Here are just a few of them, and if you have another to add to the list, let me know about it.

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Important: Many of these places are private property and cannot be visited without permission.

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    Skirvin Hilton Hotel Oklahoma City
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    There is no more popular haunted place in Oklahoma City than the historic downtown Skirvin Hotel. A LOT of people, including visiting NBA players, are convinced the ghosts of a young maid and her infant child frequent the establishment, particularly the 10th floor.  Get a detailed account of the Skirvin haunting story.

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    Kitchen Lake Bridge

    Out at the intersection of SE 119th and Air Depot Boulevard, there remains a chimney and fireplace from an old house, long ago destroyed. The story goes that a witch lived there, and she will, from time to time, burn various items. When driving out to the old bridge a couple of miles down, some report cars won't start and headlights go on and off.

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    Edmond's Central Middle School

    Located on 9th street in Edmond, Central Middle School has a couple of haunting spirits, according to various websites and legends. There's a mysterious woman in old-fashioned clothes, a man that can be seen going into the restroom and a spook that apparently enjoys scaring people by turning on music.

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    This is one of those rare hauntings without a story behind it. But apparently, over the years many people claim to have seen the spirit of a long-haired woman in the OKC Zoo Aquatics building.

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    Puckett's Body Shop

    Located on SW 29th, Puckett's Body Shop has one of the more interesting ghost stories in Oklahoma City. In a video you can find all over the net, including YouTube, images of a spirit were reportedly captured by a surveillance camera. Owners theorize it's the ghost of Tracy Martin, a woman killed in a car accident shortly before. Ms. Martin's car was moved to the body shop by her insurance company only a few hours before the image was seen on tape.

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    Rose State College Student Union

    Halloween is spooky enough. How about getting a fright on... Labor Day? Well, according to some legends, the Student Union at Rose State College is haunted by the ghost of a security guard who hung himself. Visit on Labor Day at 12:01 a.m., and they say you can hear the entire event.

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    With murder mystery dinners and more, the owners of the Stone Lion Inn, just north of the metro in Guthrie, are more than willing to capitalize on the legend. According to the story, a young girl named Augusta died in the house, and today, some claim to hear a child's footsteps or see toys mysteriously scattered around.

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    Guthrie Masonic Boys Home

    It's not a surprise that a city with so much history would be the locale of several reportedly haunted places. Oklahoma's first capital claims another popular ghost story with the haunted orphanage where an evil head mistress supposedly killed many of the boys and buried them in the basement.