Oklahoma City Area College and University Tuition Rates

College Tuition
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If you're pursuing higher education in Oklahoma, plan your costs in advance. Here are some useful tables with tuition rates for residents and non-residents, graduate and undergraduate. The major state universities are represented as well as the metro-area colleges and institutions.

If you'd like to know the rates of an institution not listed, just send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to find it for you.

* All amounts are per credit hour. For schools with multiple locations, information listed represents primary location. Chart is based on information from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education as well as the individual schools.  Tuition rates change often. To ensure accuracy, you should contact each individual institution.

Resident UndergraduateTuitionMandatory FeesTotal
University of Oklahoma$143.20$125.63$268.86
Oklahoma State University - Stillwater$154.00$105.25$259.25
Oklahoma State University - OKC$95.10$26.03$121.13
Langston University$115.55$52.52$168.07
Oklahoma City Community College$87.55$25.45$113.00
Redlands Community College$129.41$0$129.41
Rose State College$91.50$21.47$112.97
University of Central Oklahoma$171.90$31.30$203.20
Non-Resident UndergraduateTuitionMandatory FeesTotal
University of Oklahoma$589.40$125.63$715.03
Oklahoma State University - Stillwater$594.00$105.25$699.25
Oklahoma State University - OKC$304.70$26.03$330.74
Langston University$359.85$52.52$412.37
Oklahoma City Community College$255.35$25.45$280.80
Redlands Community College$200.88$0$200.88
Rose State College$304.05$21.47$325.52
University of Central Oklahoma$467.75$31.30$499.05
Resident GraduateTuitionMandatory FeesTotal
University of Oklahoma$190.70$127.49$318.19
Oklahoma State University - Stillwater$196.00$105.25$301.25
Oklahoma State University - OKCN/AN/AN/A
Langston University$148.90$54.83$203.73
Oklahoma City Community CollegeN/AN/AN/A
Redlands Community CollegeN/AN/AN/A
Rose State CollegeN/AN/AN/A
University of Central Oklahoma$226.30$31.30$257.60
Non-Resident GraduateTuitionMandatory FeesTotal
University of Oklahoma$739.90$127.49$867.39
Oklahoma State University - Stillwater$785.75$105.25$891.00
Oklahoma State University - OKCN/AN/AN/A
Langston University$429.85$54.83$484.68
Oklahoma City Community CollegeN/AN/AN/A
Redlands Community CollegeN/AN/AN/A
Rose State CollegeN/AN/AN/A
University of Central Oklahoma$566.30$31.30$597.60


Only public institutions are listed; private colleges and universities are typically more expensive. For rates of metro-area private institutions, contact them directly:

  • Oklahoma Christian University - (405) 425-5000
  • Oklahoma City University - (405) 208-5000
  • Southern Nazarene University - (800) 648-9899