Oklahoma City Road Construction and Closures

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It can be so frustrating when you time your commute perfectly, only to see an unexpected road construction project or closure force you to be late for work or another important appointment. To avoid that situation, arm yourself with the knowledge of potential issues in your area. Here is a list of some major highway construction projects and road closures in the Oklahoma City metro area.

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Perhaps the project with the most significant impact on the metro is the work being done along I-235 between NW 36th and NW 50th. In fact, according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the project will inconvenience nearly 100,000 people a day. Shifted lanes, narrowed lanes, slower speed limits and more will be the norm over the next several years as crews perform an extensive widening that includes replacing railroad bridges and constructing new interchanges. Officials highly recommend finding alternate routes.

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I-35 / I-240

The Crossroads interchange construction at I-35 and I-240 will cause a number of issues in the coming months. For example, I-240 will be narrowed and the eastbound ramp at Shields is closed.

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I-40 at I-44

If you're traveling westbound on I-40, you'll be slowed down near the I-44 intersection do to surfacing work. Expect narrowing and reduced speeds.

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E.K. Gaylord / SW 3rd

OKC Boulevard work continues downtown.  In addition to the closing of SW 3rd, drivers will have to deal with occasional lane closures between Compress St. and E.K. Gaylord/Shields. Watch also for speed limit reductions.

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Main / Hudson

As part of the Project 180 work downtown, Main Street has lane closures between Hudson and Walker, as does Sheridan between Walker and Robinson. 

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Construction began last year on a new Municipal Courts building on Couch Drive, and it will undoubtedly lead to closures at various times.  

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I-40 at Reno

Lane closures will be the norm on I-40 at Reno through the fall. Crews are doing work on the bridges.

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Covell (Edmond)

Up in Edmond, crews will be working on Covell Road out by I-35. Expect lane shifts, uneven roads, and reduced speeds.

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SE 15th (Midwest City)

Midwest City drivers will contend with an extensive resurfacing project along SE 15th this summer. Lanes are shifted between Oelke Dr. and Midwest Blvd., Midwest Blvd. is one lane there, and turn lanes from Air Depot Blvd. are closed.

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I-35 / Lindsey (Norman)

Speaking of long term projects, how about I-35 at Lindsey and Highway 9 in Norman? This one continues, so drivers will see reduced speeds, delays, detours and interchange work.

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US-77 (Norman)

Also in Norman, keep an eye out for resurfacing work on US-77. The impacted area is between I-35 and SH-9, resulting in narrowed lanes.

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I-35 South (Purcell)

Making your way south down I-35, toward Dallas perhaps? When you hit the area just south of the first Purcell exit, traffic reduces to one lane and speed limits drop to 40 miles per hour for a stretch.

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Turner Turnpike

Finally, if you're heading toward Tulsa or other points east, look out for work on the turnpike near Luther, Wellston and Chandler.

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