How To Check the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry

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In 1989, the state of Oklahoma enacted a law requiring sex offenders to register with law enforcement. The information, later mandated by the federal Sex Offenders Registration Act, is available to the public. And with the internet, it is now much easier to access. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections maintains an online database of individuals convicted of these crimes.

Access the Registry and Perform Searches

  1. First, simply click on or bookmark the following web address: Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. The homepage gives you a few important pieces of information about the database.  For example:
    • The registry applies to anyone residing, working or attending school within the state.
    • It includes anyone who has been convicted or received any probation for a sex crime in the state after November 1, 1989, or has entered the state after that date, having previously been convicted or received probation for a sex crime.
  2. Once on the page, you can essentially search by any piece of information including name, address, offense and even physical appearance traits such as height, weight, and hair or eye color. There is also a map search option that requires an address and displays results on a Google map for a given range of up to five miles.  
  3. Keep in mind a couple of terms.:
    • Habitual: These offenders have been convicted of two or more offenses.
    • Aggravated: These offenders were convicted of the most serious sex offenses.
    Habitual and aggravated offenders must register for this database for life. Other sex offenders are in the database for a period of ten years following the end of their sentence.
  4. Once you have received a list of offenders matching your search, you have the option of clicking on a particular person's name. When doing so, you will bring up a screen with detailed information on that individual. The screen includes address, physical description, conviction offense, any known aliases and date of registry. This works on both the basic search and the Google map search.  
  5. From there, you can even click on the conviction offense to go to a screen giving the full details of that offense. You are also given the option of viewing the offender's entire rap sheet or posting a note about the individual.

Additional Tips

  • In addition to this registry, you may contact your local police or sheriff's department about any recent information on sex offenders in your area.
  • The registry allows you to sign up for email updates whenever there is a new sex offender in your area.
  • The registry is updated daily; however, the information is provided by the offender. Therefore, the state can't guarantee the accuracy at all times.
  • Habitual and Aggravated offenders must verify their information every 90 days while others must do so every year.
  • This information should not ever be used for retaliation. To do so will result in arrest and prosecution.
  • In addition to sex offenders, the state tracks violent offenders in an online database as well.
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