Ohio Facts

Learning about the "Buckeye State"

Male Northern Cardinal
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Do you know Ohio's state bird or its state flower? Do you know the largest county, lowest point, and longest river? Do you know who your elected officials are? Find out these and more facts about Ohio below.

Ohio State Symbols

  • Ohio's State Bird - Cardinal (pictured at right)
  • Ohio's State Tree - Buckeye
  • Ohio's State Flower - Red Carnation
  • Ohio's State Animal - White Tail Deer
  • Ohio's State Insect - Ladybug
    • Ohio's State Motto - With God All Things Are Possible
    • Ohio's State Wildflower - Trillium
    • Ohio's State Song - Beautiful Ohio
    • Ohio's State Stone - Flint
    • Ohio's Official Rock Song - Hang on Sloopy
    • Ohio's State Beverage - Tomato Juice

    Ohio Geography

    • Number of Counties - 88
    • Largest County - Ashtabula County(711 square miles)
    • Smallest County - Lake County (232 square miles)
    • Population - 11,536,504 (2010 census), the 7th most populous state
    • Size - 44,828 square miles, the 34th largest state
    • Length of the State - 205 miles
    • Width of the State - 230 miles
    • Highest Point - Campbell Hill in Logan County (1549 feet above sea level
    • Lowest Point - Ohio River, near Cincinnati in Hamilton County (455 feet above sea level)
    • Capital City - Columbus (originally Chillicothe)
    • Number of state parks - 74
    • Number of forests - 20

    Ohio Government

    • Governor - John Kasich (R)
    • Lieutenant Governor - Mary Taylor (R)
    • Attorney General - Mike DeWine (R)
    • Treasurer - Josh Mandel (R)
    • Secretary of State - Jon Husted (R)
    • Senators - Sherrod Brown (D) and Rob Portman (R)
    • Seats in Congress - 16​

    Ohio History

    Ohio Education:

    • Number of public colleges and universities: 13, including The Ohio State University, Kent State University, Ohio University, Cleveland State University and Bowling Green State University
    • Number of private colleges and universities: 65, including Oberlin University, Case Western Reserve University, John Carrol University and Hiram University
    • Number of community colleges and technical schools: 24, including Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College

    Ohio Firsts:

    • The first ambulance was established, in Cincinnati, in 1865.
    • The first traffic light was erected, in Cleveland, in 1914.
    • The pop-top can was invented in Kettering, Ohio (near Dayton).
    • The cash register was invented in Dayton in 1879.
    • Cincinnati was the first city in the United States to have a professional fire department.
    • Cleveland was the site of the first pedestrian push button to stop traffic in 1948.
    • The first U.S. automobile was manufactured in Ohio City (then a separate entity) in 1891.