Diaper Eze - Ohio's Only Cloth Diapering Service

(© AZ Sawyer)

When I was preparing for the birth of our daughter I found myself of more eco-conscious mind than I was with the birth of my son. I bought organic sheets, California Baby Shampoo, and I decided to use cloth diapers. Diaper services were gaining popularity in NYC however I had never heard of such a service in Ohio. I searched and searched and finally found Diaper Eze the only cloth diaper delivery service the great state of Ohio.

What is Diaper Eze?:

Diaper Eze was started in 1991 and is now serving seven counties in Northeast Ohio including Summit, Medina, Cuyahoga, Portage, Stark, Tuscawaras, and Wayne. The service includes a weekly drop-off and pick-up of 100% cotton, cloth diapers. When I first signed up for the service, my daughter Louisiana was only a week old. I was so nervous because I had absolutely no idea how to pin or put on a cloth diaper.

A week prior I had bought a starter kit of cloth diaper covers and although they came in super cute colors they scared me to the core.

When my first delivery came, Joyce (aka Mrs. Diaper Eze) dropped off a diaper pail, a netted & plastic bag, an air freshener disc, and sixty cloth diapers. I spent the rest of the day changing my daughter at the slightest whine or motion that her diaper was full. I pinned her up, I snapped her in, and I velcro’d her shut at least twenty times that first day of service.

Cloth Diapers Are Easy!:

After the first month I was a cloth diaper expert. Even my husband had gotten used to the entire process. Plus we felt good using the cloth. We didn’t have to wash them ourselves; they didn’t take up to five hundred years to biodegrade; and we don’t add any more disposable to the already huge number of 16 billion per year that end up in a landfill. My daughter will be one year old in October and she will still have her bottom wrapped in a cloth diaper and I will still be using Diaper Eze for all my cloth diapering needs.

Diaper Eze 101:

Diaper Eze’s services are explained very thoroughly on their Web site. They offer services starting at infancy all the way up to toddler sizes. The diapers delivered can come in whatever amount you feel will work for your baby that week.

Diaper Eze also sells cloth diaper covers and some other baby accessories however if you are looking for some really funky and cute covers check out Cotton Babies. Joyce is great to work with and she understands if you sometimes ‘forget’ to leave the dirty diapers by the door (which I have never done). Diaper Eze is a great service for Northeast Ohio. It is environmentally-conscious and customer-oriented.

The Details:

Diaper Eze's services start at $40 a month and don’t go much higher than that. That is a huge savings when comparing to the cost of disposable diapers. So if you are thinking about using cloth or if you are still on the fence I suggest giving Joyce a call at 330-454-8273. She will "eze" your mind and your baby’s bottom.