The Best Off-Beat Date Ideas in Toronto

Try these fun and off-beat Toronto date ideas

When we think about dating or going out on dates, what usually comes immediately to mind are the standard, tried and true outings like dinner, drinks, and movies. But whether you’re going on a first date, fourth date, or you and your significant other are just looking for something to do on a Friday night, going with the same old ideas doesn’t have to be your only option – especially in Toronto. The city is filled with unique things to do that make for a much more interesting date. Here are eight of the best off-beat date ideas in Toronto. 

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    Brave the CN Tower EdgeWalk

    ••• CN Tower EdgeWalk.

    One of the most adventurous attractions in Toronto also makes for a unique date idea – if you’re feeling brave. EdgeWalk will have you and your date walking around the outside of the tower’s main pod, 356 meters (16 stories) in the air. This is the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk and will definitely create some lasting memories, as well as be a potentially bonding and confidence-boosting experience.The whole tour runs about 90 minutes with the actual walk being 20 to 30 minutes.

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    Jump on a Trampoline

    Forget dinner and a movie. Get some exercise, jump high in the air and feel like a kid again with a date at Sky Zone Toronto Trampoline Park. You can show off your skills on the park’s wall-to-wall trampolines or take a trampoline fitness class together for something totally different.

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    Take a Cooking Class

    ••• Ready to learn to make pasta.

    Maybe you’re sick of takeout, maybe you’re getting bored of the same six recipes you always seem to cook, or maybe you’ve always really wanted to learn how to make pasta from scratch. Either way, a cooking class lets you learn something new as a duo, which can be much more interesting than a night in watching Netflix, or a trip to the same bar you always end up at. And who knows, maybe that pasta-making class will incite an urge to visit Italy. Some cooking class options in Toronto include Dish Cooking Studio and The Chef Upstairs.

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    Snack Your Way Through St. Lawrence Market

    ••• Cheese stall at St. Lawrence Market.

    Even if you and your date don’t consider yourselves foodies, you can still have a great time exploring (and eating your way through) St. Lawrence Market. Named by National Geographic as the world's best food market in 2012, this is the place to indulge your senses. Even if you don’t end up buying much, the array of goods on offer is a worthwhile sight in and of itself. But do take advantage of free samples and think about picking up some prepared foods for a post-market picnic (either indoors or out depending on the season).

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    Coax out your inner Picasso with a painting date

    ••• Working on a masterpiece.

    Paint cafes have started popping up in Toronto, venues in which you’re provided with everything you need to tap into your creative side, while also having access to snacks and beverages. Paintlounge, for example, has two locations in Toronto (and one in Markham), and price is dependent on canvas size. But you get the canvas, unlimited paint and supplies and access to staff who can help steer you in the right creative direction.

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    Try Skydiving – Indoors

    ••• Indoor skydiving. Image courtesy

    If you like the idea of the CN Tower EdgeWalk or flying high on a trampoline, you and your date might also like the idea of spending some time skydiving – without actually having to jump out of an airplane. Think of indoor skydiving as a stepping stone towards the real thing, something you can do with iFLY Toronto. Following a 30-minute training session, couples can suit up and then get ready to fly, closely watched by an instructor. Just note that iFLY gets busy so you’ll want to make a reservation well in advance.

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    Play some arcade games together

    A whole slew of Toronto bars boast a section of arcade games, for the most of which are free-play. For example, sister bars Get Well and The Greater Good both offer a large selection of old-school arcade games, an extensive menu of craft beer and delicious thin-crust pizza courtesy of North of Brooklyn. All of this equals a simple, laid-back night of nostalgic fun that won’t break the bank.

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    Practice your axe-throwing skills

    ••• Axe throwing in Toronto.

    Have you ever thought about sharpening (pun intended) your axe throwing skills? Why not incorporate that idea into an off-beat date? Toronto is home to several axe-throwing facilities wherein you can try your hand at hitting a target. Most have walk-in sessions, including BATL, which has three Toronto locations.