October Weather in Spain

Mild Temperatures Dominate, With Some Rain Likely

October weather in Seville, Spain
••• It's still shorts-and-T-shirt weather in much of Spain in October. Image: Alexander Savin/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

If you love sunny and warm but not hot days, October might be the best time for you to visit Spain. This first full month of fall tends to be warm but not excessively hot. October is a month of change for both temperatures and precipitation. As the month goes on, temperatures fall and the chance of rain and cloudy days increases. So if you prefer it on the warmer and sunnier side, try to visit toward the beginning of the month.

With its mild days and cool nights, along with diminished crowds of travelers, October stands out as one the best months to make a trip to Spain. 

Weather in Madrid in October

October is one of the best times to visit Madrid, particularly in the first half of the month. Temperatures should be pleasantly warm, and rain is rare. The average daily high in Madrid in October is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with the average low 46 degrees. The Madrid bullfighting season comes to a close this month, with the highlight being the Feria de Otono (Fall Festival).

Weather in Barcelona in October

If you're looking to get a tan, October is probably a bit late. But if you want to enjoy the other delights Barcelona has to offer, this is a good time to go. Expect some cloudy days and the odd spot of rain, but generally speaking the weather will be pleasant. The afternoon highs in Barcelona in October average 70 degrees, with nighttime temps averaging 54 degrees during the month.

Check out the Barcelona Jazz festival or one of the film festivals that are in town during October.

Weather in Andalusia in October

Andalusia is Spain's hottest region. It's uncomfortably hot inland in the summer and still pretty warm in October. It's still warm enough to go to the beach, and getting a tan is quite possible.

This is a much safer time of year to sunbathe than in the height of summer because the sun is far less intense. You'll experience afternoon highs that average 73 degrees in October in Malaga, with average lows 57 degrees. 

Weather in Northern Spain in October

The weather in the north of Spain is far less predictable than in the south during October, but you can still expect pleasant temperatures and the possibility of a bit of sunbathing, though grim days can be expected occasionally in this region. Daily highs average 70 degrees in Bilbao during October, with average lows falling to 54 degrees.

Weather in Northwest Spain in October

Galicia is Spain's wettest region by far. In the summer you can be fairly sure that it won't rain, but by October, that's definitely not the case. On average, it rains on 18 days out of 31 in October.  But the temperatures stay on the mild side, with afternoon highs in Santiago de Compostela averaging 64 degrees and average lows 55 degrees.

What to Pack

Regardless of which region you plan to visit, you will have an easy time packing. Mild days are the rule everywhere, so lightweight tops or shirts with a jacket or sweater to layer on at night or on an unusually chilly day is all you need.

A pashmina for nighttime walks to dinner or eating alfresco is a good idea, and ankle boots are a great choice for comfortable walking shoes. Take along an umbrella or poncho in case it rains, and especially if your trip includes a stop in the north.